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When we think of Frankfurt, a lot of words come to mind: diversity, prosperity, and greatness- to name just a few. We learnt this in 2014, when Endava and Alpheus Solutions Ltd, a consulting business based in Frankfurt and London, announced their merger. Ever since then, our family in Germany has been relentlessly growing. 

Our team of experts combines expertise in close-to-client consultancy and nearshoring to deliver effective, scalable solutions for some of the biggest brands in Financial Services, Telco, and Investment Management. We strive to positively impact our clients and the wider Investment Management community as well, through regular participation at BVI events and Endava-organized events like the Endava Finance Dinner. 

Before connecting and building powerful relationships with our clients, finding meaning and adding warmth in our everyday activities comes as the most important thing for us. This is why we visit our delivery centres to meet our entire family and to find people alike, who share the same passions. 

Frankfurt is the place where continued growth comes hand in hand with caring about our clients as individuals.


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