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Cluj-Napoca, Romania |

An annual internal event that celebrates diversity and multiculturalism, Thanksgiving in the Global Village challenges our culinary skills and encourages us to be more involved in the local community. Teams cook, decorate and compete in selling traditional foods from around the globe to their colleagues, raising funds for a cause of their choice. Through this initiative, we travel to more than 10 countries in one day, enjoying dishes from Turkey, France, Spain, US and many more, while raising more than 2500 Euros, amount matched by Endava through an additional sponsorship, for an even greater impact.

Over the years, the donations have been directed to Transylvania Autism Center, “Inima copilului” Foundation and Beard Brothers. We’ve lent a hand to over 200 children with different medical conditions, equipping clinics, hospital wards, and orphanages and bringing them a bit of joy with Christmas gifts. Redesigning one of the interactive rooms in the Autism Center in Cluj is one of the most impactful actions we’ve done so far, as it offers the children a learning space suitable to their needs.    

We’re excited to see the high level of engagement of our colleagues, as well as the research, skill and creativity that goes into each edition, year after year. The event, now in its 4th edition, has already become a tradition for us and we’re looking forward to continue bring positive change through sustainable initiatives. 

It’s great to see how a good cause can bring us together and how the level of excitement grows from year to year, as we can see how much getting involved matters. We have a good time while doing a good deed.Lorand, Tester, Endava.


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