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Víctor’s story in Endava started in September 2017 as Senior Developer. Ever since he has inspired others to keep learning and growing by sharing his experience and offering them the support needed. Nowadays he’s a Java Discipline Lead who works on a loyalty points platform for financial institutions. Join us in getting to know Víctor better.

When did you discover that your passion is in the IT sector?

Over the last 12 years, my professional experience showed me that the IT sector offers you many opportunities for developing your career and growing your potential. I started as a Support Engineer. My first job allowed me to develop a wider view of the processes and it challenged me to go for more. Ever since I had various roles, but I soon realised that I wanted to pursue my passion for Development because that is a never-ending journey, where your learning opportunities are limitless. 

How did you start your career at Endava?

Well, I worked with my friend Alejandro in another company, and he was the first one to join Endava.  What caught my attention when talking to him was that he always pointed out the endless growth opportunities in this fast-paced company. Since I am very passionate about continuous learning, I decided to change my professional path. At that moment Alejandro referred me, and I started the enrollment process here. 

I joined Endava in September 2017. Soon I became part of a highly supportive environment where teamwork is promoted and where you are empowered in every aspect. What I also liked was the clarity on processes. 

Right now I am a Discipline Lead working on a loyalty points platform for financial institutions aimed to influence final users’ behaviors when handling our customer’s products. The challenge here consists in successfully separating and securely storing different customer information in a multitenant scheme, managing trans-nationality in a distributed system and also making the right use of collected data to be able to influence final user behaviors. 


What does it mean to be a Discipline Lead for you?

For me, this is a significant challenge since I am working in the Bogotá office where Endava is new on the local market. In this situation, you feel responsible for others’ growth and development, and you can become a key player in the way the business develops. 

For me, a Development Lead is someone who has the right balance between the technical capabilities and being sensitive to people's needs and concerns; is someone who can balance the support and challenge for the team so that they have the opportunity to grow in all dimensions - personally and professionally.

As a Discipline Lead my philosophy is to lead by example and facilitate communication. This allows me to have a good relationship with my team and create synergy. I firmly believe that here in Endava, people have multiple abilities that can be enhanced with encouragement and empowerment.   

Leaving work aside, what could you tell us about yourself?

I enjoy dedicating all my time to my family, reading tales and playing with my 3 year old son. My wife is my better half who listens to me and cheers me up by giving me the needed support to achieve all our goals and plans.

Being a father is something that you can’t describe. It is a relationship that energizes you. Whenever I see my child, I feel the drive to keep working for a bigger and brighter future. My only desire is for my family to be happy and for me to keep giving them all my love and attention. 

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