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Being passionate about something is great, but it takes a bit more to bring your ideas to life and convert them into a purpose. Lucian’s story is a perfect example of how to make things happen, giving them more meaning by helping and empowering others to do the same.  Let’s discover Lucian’s story. 

How did you start your career in Testing?

Being passionate about computers, tools, installing, debugging and configuring software, I decided to join a local company as a service IT technician. It was my first job. Two years later, I applied out of fun for a Manual Tester job opening in Cluj. Honestly, I never thought they would call me back... but they did. I still remember that day: "Hello Lucian, are you able to come tomorrow to an interview?" Being more than 300km away from Cluj, it was almost impossible to make it. Like in the movies, the next day I grabbed my backpack and I came to Cluj for the interview. This decision changed my life, since I settled in this city, creating a home and a family here. 

Tell us a bit about the start of your journey with Endava.

My first project was an e-mail application for a telecommunication company. Many will wonder "How could an e-mail application project be so complex?" What I can say is that, for me, the whole process opened a large door towards knowledge. I had the opportunity to learn from the best, things that helped me both in my professional career and personal life. During this project, I took my first steps towards the automation world, team leading, project leading and, most importantly, towards becoming a true Endavan. 

The second project I worked on was yet another great opportunity that also came with more responsibility. It was more than ever the time to put into practice Endava's vision regarding the quality and professionalism that we deliver to our clients. When my client considers me a friend rather than a simple person in charge of providing him with a product or a service, I can say with confidence that I successfully apply Endava's values.

Outside the company's projects, I am involved in the testing community, being part of a great team where I contribute with my knowledge and resources as best as I can to improve quality. I am also involved in Endava junior programmes such as Internships, Graduates, School of Testing, Communities, Training, Presentations and similar type of activities. 

What brings you the most satisfaction in your work?

I have to say almost everything. Mentoring is one of the things I love the most. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others, to help them grow. It gives me an enormous amount of satisfaction when other testers join our company at a junior or intern level, and I see them growing and beginning to excel at their projects. That is the moment when you realise the effort you invested pays off. Being a Career Coach, Department Lead or Discipline Lead opened new chapters within the company. It's not only about helping others by sharing my knowledge but also about finding solutions to various problems, improving the efficiency of processes and coming up with ideas. I feel like I need to continuously search for ways towards high quality, both for my team and for myself.


How would you describe yourself?

I would say that I’m the kind of a person who puts soul and passion in everything he does. My hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has a significant impact on me. I like to see good things done no matter what. Besides that, I like to think that I am a funny person with whom you can joke, drink a beer and have cool things to talk about. If you don't believe this, let's have a beer and chat!

What sources/materials have played an essential role in your personal and professional development?

I would not consider myself as an avid reader and tutorials seem like the most common source to learn new things. I would rather stick to speeches. Outside of Endava, three people influenced my life through their speeches: Alin Useriu, Marcel Iureș, and Mircea Miclea. I had the chance to meet Alin when I was a volunteer at "Tășuleasa Social," about 8-9 years ago. I was "young and restless" during that period. He made me realise that I can do great things with my life. When we met each other again, after so many years, I told him that I left as a boy from our last meeting and returned as a man. When it comes to Marcel Iureș, I still have moments when I reflect on his speeches filled with passion, kindness, and inspiration. Before I met him, I was afraid to talk in public because I thought I have nothing to share. When I first heard him, I realised that his speech represented me as a person. Now I love speaking in public. Over time, it became an activity that truly helps me express myself. Mircea played a key role in my professional career development, teaching me how to combine feelings, knowledge, vision, and passion with the purpose of achieving the next level.

What do you do outside of work?

Outside Endava I am the founder of "Cluj Testing Community," which is a small community started in Cluj-Napoca. We support learning testing from scratch, and we believe that the information related to this area should be free, accessible and fun. The main focus of this community is to help people in their journey in testing. We are organising multiple presentations, tech talks, or open discussions for those who wish to learn about testing in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

Recently I joined the "Romanian Testing Conference" as a team member. I consider this event to be one of the most important moments of my professional career. It is an event where I have the chance to learn from the best in the domain and to actively contribute to the testing community, in general.

Nevertheless, the most important thing for me is my family: my wife and my unborn child. I keep counting the days until I will be able to keep him in my arms and enjoy every moment we spend together.

What are your biggest passions?

My passions are rugby and tennis. Playing rugby for almost six years taught me many things that still drive me today, the main ones being that in order to achieve perfection and good results hard work is required. Some people might say that rugby is a brutal sport, but in fact, it is a sport of gentlemen, respect, and dedication. I still remember back in 2003 when England won the world cup, where Johnny "The Golden Boy" Wilkinson decided the match's fate with his magical drop shoot. That was the result of thousands of hours of hard work. When it comes to tennis, I love watching Roger Federer playing. He defined a new type of perfectionism. He is a source of inspiration through what he does as a man and as a sportsman. My advice is, if you have a talent, do not waste it, instead, always try to take it to the next level.

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