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Levente’s journey in Endava is one of technical excellence mixed with thoughtfulness. He’s been part of the team for almost five years and ever since he’s been continuously developing his knowledge, all of this to also empower others to grow as well. Now, he is a Senior Development Consultant, working on a project focused on providing a seamless web surfing experience. Get to know Levente better to discover how you can evolve by enabling others to grow as well. 

Tell us about how your journey in Endava began.

My career in Endava started about five years ago when I accepted the challenge to work on a soon-to-start project, an e-mail application for a telecommunication company. I had the chance to learn and evolve a lot on the technical perspective, and I received more insight from the business side. All of this helped me broaden my understanding of the various aspects that need to be taken into consideration when planning.

On the second project, I took on the Technical Team Lead role. We developed a digital wallet application for iOS and the Product Owner’s trust in our capabilities lead to him giving us ownership of the technical solution. This represented a significant boost for the entire team’s motivation.

One of the most challenging projects I worked on was a mobile wallet application for a local bank, where we had to deal with very tight deadlines. We succeeded in making no cutbacks in the quality of the code delivered, and this was for me a great example of how great challenges come with even greater satisfaction.

What brings you the most satisfaction in your work?

During my years in Endava, I discovered that one of the aspects that brings me most satisfaction is sharing knowledge. I like following the evolution of my colleagues while they tackle challenges and I try to offer them support every way I can. 

One of the experiences that helped me pursue this was getting involved in the iOS internship programmes, where I had the chance of passing on knowledge. This helped me a lot in discovering my own areas that need improvement. 

Being a Career Coach is another role that enabled me not only to help others, but also to improve my time-management and listening skills. I am always on the lookout for open discussions in order to discover ways of balancing challenge and support. 

Another important aspect for me is that Endava breeds a culture of mutual growth, that is based on help and knowledge sharing. You just have to ask around, and for sure a colleague will help you. 


Which are books or tutorials that you think had valuable content for your development?

I’m not a frequent book reader because I tend to lose my patience when I read more than 15-20 pages. I prefer articles and hands-on tutorials to keep myself up to date with the latest technologies. 

I have a large RSS feed related to iOS development. I am a big fan of Big Nerd Ranch, which helped me in my day-to-day job not only from a technical perspective but also in the way I interact with clients and my team.  I also try to find the time to read articles from blogs like NSHipster, objc.io, iOS Dev Weekly, Use Your Loaf, iOS Goodies and other.

Tell us more about yourself outside of work.

Becoming a father is my biggest pride at this stage of my life. The joy that I feel when my son starts smiling and laughing every time I arrive home wipes away all the sleepless nights. Besides that I like to travel with family and friends and to watch or play Formula 1 that can be considered a second reason for sleepless nights. Another place where you could find me on weekday afternoons is on the Squash court.

Tell us how your passions have contributed to your day to day job.

Inspired by Formula 1 and racing in general, I try to make sure that I choose the optimum path in solving a problem in my daily work, always having in mind the performance of the whole application. Nobody likes a slow and unresponsive app, right?!

What advice would you give yourself if you were joining Endava today?

Be proactive and speak up. Consider the product you are working on as your own and bring value in every area. Believe in yourself and use all the help you can get to improve continuously. It’ll be worth it.

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