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Meet Johnny, Test Consultant in Bogota. He joined Endava in a discipline of ten people and since then contributed to the development and growth of the testing team and its people. Passionate about what he does, he loves mentoring and inspiring others to explore the vast learning environment of software testing. Check out his story!

Tell us about your career path in Endava.

I started my career in Endava 4 years ago as an Automation and Performance Tester. When I joined the company, the Testing discipline in Bogota only had ten people, and luckily, over the years, I had the opportunity to contribute to its structure and growth. 
At the time of this interview, we are more than 70 people in the Testing Discipline. This result involved a lot of effort and hard work from our current team and those who have moved on to pursue new opportunities.

Nowadays, I am facing new challenges. I am actively working to improve my client and commercial skills, to better help our clients understand the benefits Testing brings to their companies and products. I am also getting involved in the career development of others, which is one of the most gratifying things to me.

Tell us about what drives you at Endava.

What differentiates Endava is our people. Our culture welcomes everyone willing to listen and share their experiences. It is part of our DNA to be open and to collaborate. A sense of belongingness, people caring for each other and enabling others to connect has been noticeable even during the quarantine when working from home, and I really appreciate this. 

Being open and adaptable also applies in the work dynamics we have adopted, for example, in the technical communities, study groups, and work teams involved in the Internship Programmes and projects.

But the one thing that drives me the most at Endava is the possibility to be the owner of your career path. You can establish short, medium, and long-term goals, and rest assured that Endava will provide you with the necessary challenge and support to achieve these goals. 
I am very grateful to my leaders, peers, and friends in Endava for their relentless contributions to support my growth.

What growth opportunities have you found in Testing?

I started my professional career as a developer, and as I always say: "Testing found me". 

Back then, non-functional requirements like Performance became a fascination, and validating them was what set off my career path in Testing.
In your journey as a tester, you can focus on several different areas, that may be Automation, Performance, or Security, among many others. What do all of these have in common? Different challenges! But there is always a new way to approach them based on your client’s needs. You will never get bored!


What advice would you give to people that are interested in beginning their career in Testing?

Enjoy the journey and keep yourself motivated by learning new things. Testing presents you with challenges that will allow you to grow in every possible way, preparing you to expect the unexpected. You will face situations that require you to be resourceful and solve them “in any way you can”. However, you are not alone. You will find plenty of support from everyone, and we will gladly keep you company throughout this journey.

Please tell us more about yourself.

I am a people person. I enjoy spending time with my family as they are my greatest inspiration in life. I also consider myself a good listener, to hear what other people have to say so I can learn from them and see the world from someone else’s perspective. This helps me to better understand the people around me, become more empathic and grow as an individual.

I am also an active person; before the pandemic, I used to play baseball and football, and I also like video games and chess. As a matter of fact, I am part of the Chess Hobby Club here at Endava.

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