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Eugenia’s path in the company started in 2010 at Velocity Partners in Buenos Aires as a Development Lead. Soon after that, she became a Solutions Manager, being responsible for managing multiple software development projects and ensuring that they meet or even exceed client expectations. 

After the merger between Endava and Velocity Partners, her passion for providing guidance on business solutions, achieving high levels of quality and her goal-oriented mindset recommended her for the new Head of Programme and Project Management position, a challenge that she’s now determined to master. 

Tell us more about your career in Endava.

I started as a Development Lead at Velocity Partners. Soon after that, I became a Solution Manager, and for a long time, I was 100% dedicated to this role, working with other locations in Latin America. My main objective during this time was to ensure we have a healthy engagement balance between the team and the client. At the same time, I ensure projects are successful and help my teams by improving their dynamics and efficiency. 

When Endava merged with Velocity Partners, a new career opportunity arose, so I applied for the Head of Programme and Project Management position. Since I’ve been in the consultancy field for most of my career, I thought my experience could bring value. I always aim high and do whatever it takes to reach set goals while ensuring a great experience, both for the clients and the people working on each project.

I also like to consider myself an agent of change. Through my influence and actions, I push for positive changes in my team members and colleagues. And this can be seen in the results we deliver to our clients, in our team's progress and overall performance. 

What guides your career as Head of Project Management? 

I focus on abilities that are not necessarily technical. In my position, communication has a significant role in almost 80% of cases as well as negotiation, conflict resolution, team management and motivation. For me, it was easy to adapt to the Endava Culture since I am a true believer in empowering teams by helping them achieve their maximum potential. I am convinced that, to unlock one’s potential, you have to focus on their needs and give them credit for what they excell in. When they take ownership of their projects and face all kinds of challenges, I consider I did my job well.

What passions move you in your personal life and at work? 

I’ve always had a penchant for planning. I’m very goal-oriented, having the “north” in mind, without removing the flexibility along the road to reaching the objective.

I believe that when you spend a lot of time working, it’s key to find incentives and satisfaction in everyday life. For some people it might be interacting with their peers, helping make things happen for their colleagues, or seeking learning opportunities from others. In my case, planning is something I take everywhere, both in my personal and professional life. 


What advice would you give yourself if you were starting work at Endava today?

I would tell myself to embrace two concepts. On one hand, embrace change, because Endava is on a continuous expansion and that will always generate new opportunities. You must give your best to add value, and take on new challenges for creating new experiences. On the other hand, get out of your comfort zone, because growth is for life. 

How would your colleagues describe you in one sentence?

Even though I believe most of my colleagues will agree with me on the fact that I’m a goal-oriented, focused person, some might think the word that describes me best is “challenger”. That is why I believe in the Liberating Leadership Culture inside Endava! I love that here I can find that perfect mix between challenge and support for my teammates.

What do you like to do outside work?

I love to travel, and I invest a lot in this passion. I enjoy getting to know new cultures and the architecture of each place. I am a big admirer of my city’s architecture: I often stroll around Buenos Aires as if I was a tourist admiring how history reflects in the city’s constructions.

I also enjoy learning new languages. I was born in Brazil, and by the age of six, I moved to Argentina with my family, so my first mastered languages were Portuguese and Spanish. Then I added English and French, and right now, I am studying German. The challenge of learning a new language motivates me and I find the entire experience fascinating. 

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