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Programming is elevated to a whole new level when you add a touch of creativity combined with the desire to build strong relationships with your coworkers. This is how Ciprian has made great strides in his career at Endava.  As an excellent colleague and a loving father and husband, Ciprian is the perfect example of how to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Check out his story below and find out what happens when your passion turns into a great career.

What are some of your career highlights until now?

I graduated from the Faculty of Electronics and Computers in Pitesti, so I have an engineering background. 

After graduation I decided to learn more by getting a job and pursuing a career focused on C, C#, and other Microsoft Technologies. 

My first project was to rewrite one internal app using C#. In 2004-2005, I grabbed the opportunity to prepare a proof of concept to overhaul an internal app and presented it to the management. My proposal received their blessing. In just six months, I had completely rewritten the application, and a new department titled “Reporting” was created. 

I enjoyed the challenge tremendously since it required to build a team from scratch, to select, manage, and mentor the newly created team. On top, I also had to cover the peer’s management for all the company parties. 

It was a journey that lasted seven years, and it brought me a lot of experience and good memories, but time had come for a new chapter in my life- the Endava one! 

How did your journey in Endava start?

I joined Endava more than six years ago because I wanted to try something else, to be more, and to work with the latest technologies. Luckily, Endava has offered me the professional support I was wishing for and I appreciate this. 

I joined the company as a consultant and Team Lead and started working on one of Endava’s accounts. We rewritten the Silverlight application for one year, we stabilised it, and passed through the full lifecycle with excellent results. Therefore, the project expanded from 3 to 40-50 employees, becoming the longest-lasting .NET project. We value the partnership with this client as we are seen as experts, so what we propose is implemented. 

Tell us about what drives your career. 

For me, the analytic style and the ability to focus on any problem are driving me forward alongside my proactive approach. When I do something that isn’t working properly, I always invest time and curiosity to find a solution. This is paired with being open towards people, which facilitates the development of strong relationships with everybody. 


What is the most valuable lesson you learned in life? 

The most important thing I’ve learned is that beyond hardware and technology are the people. Each of them are individuals that need to be treated accordingly. 

I would say that we need to put a lot of emphasis on soft skills, on how to interact with people. Those you are working with are more important than their abilities. Each member of the team and the chemistry between them are paramount. 

Technologies are developing and evolving, changing cyclically after several years, but people are staying. The relationship between people is transcending technologies. 

A lot has changed during the last 10-15 years. I believe that I’ve become more analytical, more focused on understanding what’s behind a specific situation more than jumping on conclusions. 

In time, by investing attention and patience, everything can be solved even in the most challenging conditions. 

How would you describe yourself? 

My life revolves around two things: my family and Endava. I am a convinced family man and a guy that is passionate about working with the newest technologies. 

Gaming is my passion and I’ve been highly fascinated with it from an early age. 
I can say that I choose this line of work due to gaming, as my biggest dream as a kid was to program games. 

When I managed to create the games that I was so keen on programming, I entered PC gaming and then console gaming, plus several other pieces of equipment. 

It would be difficult if I were to point out my favorite genre, as I play both strategy and single player. What’s important for me is the storyline. If a game is as immersive as a movie, then I’m in! 

Among my favorite games are Civilization 5-6, Fallout, Skyrim, Witcher, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy, Diablo, Warcraft. 

My kids also inherited my passion, but they are more into gaming on console or tablet. My youngest son, who is about 3 years old is playing, especially educational games. 

On the other hand, my girl prefers more music and dancing, and I am doing whatever possible to nurture her passions. Only by discovering and exploring they will find out who they are as individuals. 

What advice would you give yourself if you would start working in Endava today?  

I would say: be curious and patient, find time to analyse things and build something substantial.  Balance work and personal life. There are things to experiment at every age. Now, for me, the family is the most important. They are giving me the balance I need to strive, to be the best at work, as well as at home.

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