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Meet Andrés, Head of Project Management in Bogotá. Along his thirteen years of experience, he has led different software projects, worked with interdisciplinary teams in different locations, and learned from his contact with multiple industries and clients. Let’s discover how it all started!

Tell us more about your career path in Endava.

Today I am the Head of Project Management in Bogotá, but what people probably don’t know about me is that I started my professional career as a web applications Software Developer and worked as such for more than six years. This experience made me realise two things: the fact that I love Software Development and that I genuinely care about people. In this sense, the Management career path was something that came naturally to me. I also decided to take actions towards achieving this, one of them being a Master’s degree in Project Management. Now it has been more than ten years of experience in leading different software projects, working with interdisciplinary teams in different locations and learning from multiple industries and clients. 

Why is Project Management so exciting for you?

The Project Management process starts with understanding our clients’ needs and transforming those needs into solutions. To make sure we deliver a flawless experience for our clients, a synergy has to be created between the process, the expertise, and the teamwork. 

Leading people means understanding them, knowing their motivations, enhancing their skills, and matching their growth expectations with the accomplishment of the goals. People work better if they enjoy what they're doing. 

My role as a Project Manager has been a highly gratifying and joyful experience because I was able to generate satisfactory results for both the client and my team. I am passionate about finding the right balance in this equation. 

You lead the biggest project in Bogotá. How was this experience so far?

It has been satisfactory for me to be part of the development of the Delivery Unit in Bogotá. I say this because I have been on board almost since it was founded. Leading this project has been part of my contribution to the support of our growth, and I have to say it has been very challenging, but also rewarding. The project started with four teams, and now we have eight teams in place. Overall, we're almost fifty people.

We regularly receive feedback from our clients, where they point out that the experience with Endava has been positive because we're characterised by going the extra mile and exceeding expectations.

We have a team that has improved along time. We've achieved success because of the transparency of the processes and the fluency of communication; team members have the confidence to assume new responsibilities. 


How would you characterise your leadership style?

I'm a challenger. The baseline for my team is trust. I believe in their capabilities, and I have confidence in their excellent performance based on the responsibilities that they have. 

In an organisation, it's essential for people to have the consciousness of being part of a big project where each one contributes to the achievement of the overall project goals. To accomplish objectives, it is necessary to trust in teamwork.

My biggest motivation is to help my team be better and achieve higher performance. If people accomplish their goals, that means that I'm a good leader for them. 

Leaving work aside, what could you tell us about yourself?

I can describe myself as someone very passionate, I put my 100% in everything I do, no matter if we’re talking about work or hobbies. Sports is an important topic for me, from practising it to keeping track of what is happening with different disciplines and leagues. 

Most of my free time is invested in soccer. Not only do I practice it, but I am also a big supporter of Colombia’s national team and other strong teams in the different leagues as well. I also practice tennis, golf, and pool (which is a passion shared with friends). 

For the past nine months, I have been improving my golf skills very intentionally, and it has been an exciting process, to identify my opportunities, to work on improvements and compete at a better level. Sports, to me, means health, discipline, friends, and connection. 

Besides sports, I dedicate time to my family and my friends. 

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