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Working with data doesn’t limit only to offering solutions. Building strong relationships with the team and with the customers can enhance the development of the projects and give you the possibility to alternate between technical and nontechnical areas. Andrada is the perfect example of how growing your career in a culturally diverse environment can help you meet inspiring people and enjoy great experiences. Discover Andrada’s journey along the years. 

How did you start your journey in development?

I’ve always had a passion for Data. I joined Endava three years ago, during the Endava-ISDC merger. At that point, I had been working for five years as a Software Developer on several Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing projects, in various business contexts, using multiple technologies. From building Microsoft SQL Server and BI stack solutions for the healthcare industry to developing and administering the data side of a highly complex reporting solution for a large bank using the Oracle stack, I took on many roles and encountered many challenges that drove me forward on this beautiful journey. I love my job, and I consider myself highly disciplined, focused, and involved in my day to day work. Even though my primary expertise revolves around traditional Data Management, I have a growing interest in NoSQL and Big Data related topics as well.

Besides the technical aspects of my job, I like to invest a considerable amount of my time and energy in communication and in building trustworthy and solid relationships with the customers and with my team. This interest in people, together with the company's culture that helps you grow, have shaped my path in Endava by allowing me to take on roles such as Career Coach, Internship Mentor, Technical Lead, Technical Interviewer and to be involved in pre-sales activities. Most recently, I took on the Discipline Lead role and ever since I’ve trying to bring my help in building, consolidating, and growing a community of people that share the same passion for Data.

What brings you the most satisfaction in your work within the Endava team?

I have met some extraordinary people here. I have been fortunate to work with amazingly smart, involved, passionate, upright, and fun colleagues, from whom I continue to learn so much. I am part of a great, efficient, and consolidated team where we help and support each other in delivering high-quality software, having at the same time a lot of fun at work. Moreover, I had the opportunity to be surrounded by inspiring leaders around me, which continuously challenge and motivate me.

Another important aspect that fuels my drive within this company is the culture. I love the fact that Endava gives you the autonomy and the chance to grow at your own pace, providing at the same time a lot of great opportunities and support from the people around you. You are being both encouraged and challenged to achieve your professional goals.

How would your colleagues describe you in one sentence?

Most probably, my colleagues would describe me as being very passionate about my work and always standing up for what I believe is best to do for our project.


Who/what brought you the most value in the development of your career path?

I can pinpoint at least three personalities that helped me structure and solidify my knowledge in the Data area: Oracle's Tom Kyte, Microsoft's Itzik Ben-Gan and the father of Data Warehousing, Ralph Kimball. Kimball's Data Warehouse Toolkit was one of the technical books that shaped the beginnings of my career and had a considerable impact on the steps that followed. Apart from the technical side, plenty of training, articles, and books about human interaction and building relationships have helped a lot in my development as a professional.

What are your passions, and how do they help you in your day to day job?

I love to travel. I have a great passion for discovering different cultures around the world by learning about their history, their day to day lives, and by going beyond the touristic facade. I have to admit that food is a critical component of my tourism experiences. Another passion of mine that blends perfectly with discovering cultures is learning foreign languages. I am fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Italian, and currently, I have an interest in Dutch and Portuguese.

Given my inclination towards cultural diversity, I feel I connect very well with customers from various countries and build strong work relationships with them. This leads to fluid communication within the international teams and eventually facilitates the development of our projects. I also feel that my passions balance out the sometimes-challenging periods at work and help me disconnect for a while from the technical side of my life. Diving into my passions always brings me back to work refreshed.

If you were to start working at Endava today, what advice would you give to yourself?

Given Endava's human diversity, be open to creating new relationships, as there is a good chance to meet great and inspiring people from whom you may learn a lot.

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Humans of Endava


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