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Adrián is a Frontend Specialist from Buenos Aires who became our colleague when Velocity Partners decided to join forces with Endava. Since his greatest passion is to create and deliver maximized user experience, Adrián is sure that this new context will offer him the right environment for setting up the next major milestones of his professional path. Let’s meet Adrián and find out how to have big dreams and aim even higher.

Today you are a Frontend Specialist at our office in Buenos Aires. How did you get to this stage of your career?

I have always been committed to the user experience, and by using different technologies, I and my team succeeded in developing several products that have created much more than just a good tech experience.

It makes me proud that my work has high visibility and is helping millions of users; it also makes me want to keep improving my skills in terms of creating products that are more and more user-friendly.

I have been responsible for conducting major changes in the UX/UI of a news platform with a large user base. This challenge contributed a lot to my growth and made me put my expertise to good use by giving my best. I set my mind to achieving the goal of providing great software quality and user experience, and that of continuously improving these through gaining expertise and learning from the whole process I am part of.

Since I realized that my great passion consisted in delivering great customer experience, lean usability, and wider accessibility, my career path from a Fullstack Developer to a Frontend Specialist became quite clear.

What do you enjoy most about the project you are working on?

One of the things that I enjoy most about my current project is that it is permanently updating its tech stack. This means also a permanent improvement of the quality we deliver. The news platform we created has been evolving since its beginning from LAMP and WordPress to tools like NodeJS and React and, because of its success, the project is expanding and our team is gaining more and more responsibilities.

What started out as a customized CMS, moved all the way to becoming a website that incorporates sites from different countries worldwide. Our constant aim of improving quality makes our day-to-day work diverse and enriching on one hand and nurtures our client’s trust on the other hand.


What motivates you in your daily work?

Constant learning and the chance of continuous improvement are my main motivators. I strive to offer each time the most updated solutions we are able to implement.

I enjoy learning as much as I like to share my knowledge with colleagues and clients. It feels very natural to me. The highly supportive environment I work in encourages me to do so. I often get actively involved in organizing meet-ups where we share expertise. No matter who the speaker is, knowledge transfer is always valuable due to the fact that it is multi-directional.

What are your expectations in regards to becoming part of Endava?

Endava is a global company that has been around for many years and has walked many paths. Knowing that I now am an Endavan, I am both eager and excited to see what’s next.

I’m sure I will face here different styles of problem-solving compared to what I was used to and I will try to learn as much as possible from that. At the same time, I see the new and bigger context as a playground for various challenges with different levels of complexity. I am looking forward to bringing my own contribution to identifying new solutions and creating maximized user experience. Therefore I am setting a new professional challenge for myself; that of taking things to the next level. 

Could you tell us something about your hobbies outside work?

Here at the office, it’s no secret that I like motorcycles. I have started joining motorcycle races a few years ago.  This hobby fills me up with adrenaline and I see it as a way of constantly challenging myself.

I grew up around a local garage for car service, so my passion doesn’t come as a surprise. It is also the place where I learned to handle tools. I have a little workshop set up at home, where I not only repair my motorcycle, but also design and build furniture.

What piece of advice would you give yourself if you were starting today your career at this company?

A company is made up of people – they are the most valuable asset. Get close to your colleagues, no matter if they do or do not belong to your direct team. Dare to share your ideas, your doubts and have faith in yourself.

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