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Uwe is a Delivery Partner of Endava in Frankfurt am Main, and is in charge not only with managing the account of one of the largest Telecom providers, but also the account of the largest payment providers on the continent.  Read his story and find out why only a thorough understanding of your customer’s industry can help you build trust-based, long-term relationships that provide mutual added-value. 

Tell us more about your professional path within the company. 

I have been in Endava for more than 3 years working as a Delivery Partner in Frankfurt. I have been in charge of one of the largest European Telecom providers and I recently also accepted the challenge of taking over the account of one of the largest Payment providers on the continent.

While the projects in Telecom mainly focused on the area of product innovation in terms of Mobile Development and Testing, we assist our client in the payments sector with the merchant services, corporate services, financial network services and innovations business units. Key projects here focus on the development of merchant portals, clearing systems, payment systems and mobile payment solutions.

My main role consists in doing stakeholder and risk management, setting up the account structure and implementing continuous improvement processes. What is important for me is growing an account and gaining the trust of our client. It brings me a lot of joy to celebrate the projects we delivered successfully.

I am strongly focused on the topic of client satisfaction, because we are living in a service-oriented world where we can only be successful if we can provide added-value to our clients. Nowadays customers are increasingly looking for suppliers who can offer them a competitive advantage.

Without a thorough understanding of your customer’s industry and the processes he works with, no one can be successful in the long run. Clients build their outsourcing strategies based on their business needs and the optimal delivery model. We as a service provider have to adapt our delivery model to meet our clients halfway. In my opinion, success can only be built when you have a team where each member understands that different situations demand different levels of involvement and different ways of thinking about solutions.

Tell us about your main motivators at Endava.

Joining a fast growing company like Endava and having the possibility of running two major accounts makes you proud because this can only happen if all team members work closely together to meet client’s expectations. 

I remember a proud moment when we had our 3 & 5 anniversary with our largest European Telecom providers. Both client representatives and Endava team members looked back on a successful journey and this showed me we did the right things.


Name some books/tutorials/speeches that had an effect on your career path.

I am very passionate about Larry Elison and his initiative of building one of the largest software companies worldwide. I also very much agree on the way Waren Buffet sees the world and am interested in his investment strategies. 

Tell us more about yourself outside of work.

I am a very family-centered person. Home is the place where I can share my feeling and success moments. My strong belief is that my family has contributed in many ways to my career growth and the person I have become. We are very passionate about travelling to the USA because there is much to see. You get the chance to enjoy nature all by yourself, away from your daily hectic, rush, noise and stress. 

Besides this, I find my ease of mind when practicing sports, like jogging. When I was younger, I was a passionate football and tennis player. I think both sport types influenced me a lot. While playing football shows you the importance of being a team player, in tennis you are the only person who takes the decisions. Also, winning or losing feels different when you are part of a team, or all by yourself.

What advice would you give yourself if you were starting work at Endava today?

Be open and doors will open. Step in and ask questions, be curious and pro-active and treat your colleagues with respect. In a fast-paced company like Endava you should always be prepared for challenges and change. If you look at them from the right perspective, they can become groundbreaking opportunities for you.

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Humans of Endava


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