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Leah’s pragmatism sparks an amazing capacity to analyse, prioritise and bring clarity even in the most complex contexts, and her empathetic approach enables her to go beyond the facts and see the deeper meaning. She’s a great example of how dedication and a good sense of humour can inspire, bring value and trigger positive change in any situation. Find out more about how balance, and grit have helped Leah bring value on the journey of enhancing close-to-client capabilities and delivering strategy at scale, as part of Catalyst.

How did you start your journey as part of the Endava team?

I joined Endava through the Nickelfish acquisition as the Head of Project Management, leading the local team. Shortly after, I began supporting the International Delivery Unit Manager, and ultimately assumed responsibility for the group. Most recently, I have joined forces with Justin Marcucci and others, to create Catalyst, an evolving part of our overall business that is focused on enhancing close-to-client capabilities and helping to deliver strategy at scale. I am responsible for the global operations of this group, including our growth strategies, tactical management of the P&L, the PDR team, and the ongoing support needed to allow rapid, agile growth.

Tell us about what drives you within Endava.

I feel we all have an opportunity to make an impact within the larger context of our work. No matter who we are, we have the ability to influence, challenge, and shape how Endava grows as a business.

How would your colleagues describe you? 

Rooted in pragmatism; guided by empathy. 


Are there any books or training materials that have had an impact on you and might have influenced your career path?

Early in my career, I attended a training on perception. I remember feeling conflicted when the training ended, having recognised that the way you're perceived is not always a true representation of who you are, at least not to yourself. Understanding that you can help manage your perception through heightened self-awareness has been incredibly valuable in opening opportunities and helping me get closer to achieving my goals.

Tell us more about yourself outside of work.

I am an advocate for everything in moderation, including moderation. I love all animals, even the big ones. I prefer being in nature, despite living in Manhattan. And, I'm uncomfortable with change, but know it brings out the best side of me.

I also have a passion for efficiency. As someone who tries to pack as much as I can into a single day, efficiency is critical. It's also crucial when trying to staff an engagement, balance a budget, or define the path of least resistance to a solution.

What advice would you give yourself if you were joining Endava today?

You will not always agree with the decisions being made, but you can always contribute to a better, more thoughtful outcome.

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Humans of Endava


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