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If you see Darius on the corridors, he most probably smiles and shakes someone's hand. There's always a project he wants to discuss or an improvement idea ready to be tackled. Although he has a background in business analysis, his primary focus is people development - what drives, motivates them, and what would be their next step in Endava.

Darius is always on the search of something new, and his quest is to enable the teams he coordinates in delivering more complex projects.  

Read on to find out what keeps him motivated, what drives him as a professional and what moves him as a member of the society. 

Can you share some highlights of your career until now?

For more than twelve years, I successfully implemented various IT solutions in Insurance, Investment Banking, Retail and Media. 

In 2016, after a long and intensive assignment, a friend of mine recommended Endava. In October that year, I joined the company as a Business Analyst, and from this role, I got the opportunity to learn more about the Endava’s culture and processes. 

Less than a year after I joined the company, a natural career step was to move to the Project Management Discipline. Here I had the chance to meet wonderful people who believed in me and offered the challenges I needed. 

At the beginning of 2019, I tackled the opportunity of becoming the DU Manager of one of Endava’s newest locations, Pitesti. 

As a DU Manager, my current objectives are building a strong leadership team that can attract and deliver complex projects and nurture the personal development of each team member. 

Similar to good wine, the relationship I have with Endava becomes in time more balanced, profound and flavoured.

How would you describe your managerial style? 

I consider that for a Manager, it is essential to be adaptable and consistent at the same time. Human relations are a crucial aspect of management, and that is why I invest a lot of time in this. Being able to deliver the projects in a timely manner, motivating and retaining people and finding out what are the passions that can drive future initiatives, all these relate to human interaction.

I am always glad when someone shares his hopes or plans with me, and I do whatever stays in my power to enable them to achieve their objectives. 

In my experience, a motivated employee is productive, has a good attitude and will interact very well with the customers.

Also, people need to know that their opinion is trusted and valued. That's the only way they will provide the project with the best solutions, the colleagues with help and consultancy and will have the courage to signal when something needs addressing. 

People are defining jobs. Considering this, I am in a continuous change, always looking to improve myself and get out of my comfort zone.   

Tell us what drives your career.

I’m always trying to do my job the best way I can. This is my way of getting involved and contributing to society’s progress. I strongly believe that technology is helping the advancement of society and this will help increase the overall wellness of each individual. 


Tell us about yourself outside work. What do you like to do, which are your passions? 

A part of what defines us is the sum of our experiences. I enjoy all new things, meeting new people, exploring new locations, reading about revolutionary ideas and concepts. 

Yuval Noah Harari wrote the last books that captured my interest. Learning about our past - Homo Sapiens, and our future - Homo Deus was a complete delight. 

I am curious to read about the same subject in 20 years and see how technological progress will change our perception about the past and what is to come.

What would you tell a person who just graduated and wants to join our industry?

Be 101% sure you like it, don’t join just because it’s a trend. Be fearless, take initiative and be generous!

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