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Adriana’s story in Endava started 10 years ago, when she joined as one of the first few people in our Iasi office. Over time, she has had different roles - Recruiter, Head of People Development, and Recruitment and HR Business Partner – but she has always remained true to herself, using her energy and creative leadership style to connect people with opportunities and bring fresh perspectives to the table. Find out what drives her and how her passion for people helped her perform within teams, both as a team member and as a leader.

You’re celebrating 10 years as an Endavan. How was this journey for you?

I joined Endava back in 2008 when we only had 2 people in the office and I embraced the challenge to recruit new people to grow Endava in Iasi. We did not have an established brand at that time, but as we were telling our story, people started to understand who we were and where we were heading. So, we started building it together, as we grew. Those were brilliant times - I got to meet IT professionals and to understand what they wanted. I was trying different ways to reach out to them, such as approaching them on Facebook and inviting them for a coffee to an informal discussion or interview. That was not as common back then, as it is now. Over time, I’ve worn different hats which have enabled me to contribute to the growth of Endava not only in Iasi, but across the company. 

Tell us about what drives you in your career.

I believe in the company’s core purpose and values and I see it every day in the teams that work here and in how Endava positively influences communities. It's a sense of pride I share with people working here. On the other hand, the biggest lesson learned for me has been to become more self-aware. A lot of our achievements, choices and decisions start there. It’s not always an easy place to go to, but it’s liberating once you face it.

What were the people/things that had the most influence over your career?

The leaders and mentors I've had here. I’m a big believer in the power of a good team, made of challenge-embracing individuals, who trust each other, are open and share a healthy, growth oriented mind-set.

I think being part of a high-performing team has both challenged and offered me support along the way, and contributed massively to the individual I have become today.


What advice would you give yourself if you were starting work at Endava today?

If you decide to join, you are going to encounter the right context to work hard, to  choose, to change, to contribute, to influence, to lead, to help others grow, and then go home at the end of the day with a smile of fulfilment on your face.

Tell us more about yourself outside of work and how your passions contributed to your professional life.

Outside of work I enjoy being a Mom. I love Latino music and am passionate about foreign cultures. I also enjoy working out, singing and dancing, salsa and tango being my favourite rhythms. They instantly get me out of my chair!

As you can easily see, passion is the core of who I am. I think working in People Development and Recruitment requires being passionate about people and about how people can influence an organisation. When I was a recruiter, I always tried to understand what people really wanted and how I could connect those aspirations with the Endava journey. When I led a team, I shifted my focus and enjoyed the different strengths people contributed with, as well as getting the best out of people by setting the bar higher and higher. As part of a team, I always tried to understand the ‘Why’ before executing anything.

I believe that all I’ve achieved here is due to the people with whom I share the same values, goals, dreams or passions. This is the magic of Endava and why I enjoy being here so much.

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