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Adina joined Endava about a year ago as Group Head of Internal Communication and People Engagement, experiencing a steep learning curve in her role. Working in a global environment with multiple stakeholders from different backgrounds requires agility and adaptability for effective organizational communication.

Find out how you can get things done by giving people space to be themselves.

Tell us about your work in Endava.

I joined Endava through a merger, after ISDC, the company I was working for as an HR Manager was acquired and later on integrated in the business. This context turned out to be a highly valuable professional experience for me, with a steep learning curve, and being part of the core integration team helped me understand the intricate details and the complex scale of a merger. After the integration was finalized, and it was a bumpy road – and anyone who’s been through a similar experience can testify to that – my role evolved in unchartered territory – Internal Communication and People Engagement.

I work with multiple stakeholders, each one coming from a different background and we all need to adapt and be agile in a multicultural, global environment. In this space, communication has several challenges that we have to overcome, so we can align multiple parties in our locations, deliver the message on time, without distortions and bridge cultural differences in the process. People Engagement and Employer Branding rely heavily on effective communication both inside the organization as outside of it. I feel I can make a difference if I am patient enough to unknot existing threads and gather all loose ends in weaving out a new pattern in communication across the organization at a global level.

Which are the key drivers of your career at the company?

Diversity. My job has multiple exciting areas for me, where I feel I can put my strengths to good use, make the most of my professional experience in working with people and staying creative. Let's take communication for example - sound easy, right? Well, yes - yes it is easy - in theory. In real life, only practice makes perfect and we are refining our model as we evolve as an organization and develop new behaviors in the leadership teams to facilitate effective communication.

Fun is also a key motivator for me and while achieving results is great, I believe that knowing how to enjoy the ups and downs on the road leading you there, alongside with your team, is even better. That’s why I enjoy roller coasters so much and the thrill of the ride. People who are able to have fun together share common values and those combined with a trust environment will keep everyone sticking together through the good and the bad.

I love what I am doing, despite the complexity, or maybe precisely because of it and all the people I interact with. The company is constantly growing and evolving and I find myself eager to see where it will lead and what role I will have in it. Now, looking back over the past year, I realize that my current role is very close to a dream job.


How would your colleagues describe you in one sentence?

It depends very much who you are asking, but people who know me well would say that I am loud, funny and straightforward. A funny fact is that people know whether I am in the office not because they see me, but because they ‘hear’ me laugh or talk loud – that’s how they know I am around at the office. 

Tell us more about yourself outside of work.

I love photography and reading. Both activities develop my ability to see things from a different perspective. Sometimes I feel the energy of the places I travel to and the historic heritage they carry. I also nurture my passion for gardening. Yes - I realize it is not a modern hobby, but it is something I inherited from my grandparents and my mother and I love spending time outdoors.

My moment of happiness is laying in the hammock in my garden and enjoying a good book.

Being creative, making connections that no one thought about and seeing things in a different perspective is just who I am - there is no separate person at work than the one I am outside of office hours.

What advice would you give yourself if you were starting work at Endava today?

Be patient and tactful. A fast pace is not always the best pace to achieve desired results. Oh, and speed, may not even be of the essence – optimal is situational.

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