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Did you ever think you could get some critical agile skills while practising Kung-Fu? Neither did we.   

Vasil is an Agile Coach at our office in Skopje, North Macedonia and has over 18 years of experience in IT.   

He has been passionate about Agility since the early 2000s and created the first Agile Community in Oxford while working in the UK. He was also part of Agile Communities in London.  

But his other passion is Kung-Fu. After leaving London and returning home, he even founded a martial arts school in Skopje.   
Check out the interview with him to see how martial arts helped him with more than just self-defence.  


It's important to understand that mistakes are an essential part of learning and to see change is a vital part of personal development. Often, we don't like change, we get comfortable, but change is essential to one’s actual advancement and progress. 

Agile Coach | Skopje

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