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Taylor has over 13 years of experience and is our Data Architect in Dallas, US.

For her, technical excellence resides on four pillars:  

  • Intellect - gives you the ability to understand and learn anything quickly. 
  • Agility - provides you with the speed to prioritise the tasks and meet challenges.  
  • Adaptability - will help you grow and expand your wheelhouse as an engineer.  
  • Curiosity is the magic behind all the things that make you better.  

She hopes that data has the possibility of disrupting the medical industry by really challenging a lot of the high costs in healthcare.  

Taylor is also a farmer, an influencer on Instagram showing her geese and the two blind horses she saved.

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Being a Data Architect is a huge responsibility, and it presents a lot of huge challenges. You’ll have to work with developers to make sure that the data not only flows in this taxonomical way (..), but also that you’re building something that can scale, that can be maintained for years to come. 

Data Architect | Dallas

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