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Meet Daniel, our Principal Development Consultant in Iasi. 

He joined Endava in the winter of 2010, and during the last 12 years, he's been working and constantly exploring different roles, projects and capabilities. From Senior Developer to Development Consultant, Design Lead, Architect, Scrum Master and even acting Project Manager, he experienced it all, and that shaped the tech professional he is today.

He believes that the mindset and knowledge you have about Design principles, architectural patterns and clean code will always help you become better, deliver more efficient solutions and be ahead of the crowd.  

His advice for you? Find one or more role models – learn from them, and draw your inspiration from their work, books or lectures. Many people in IT can teach you how they write clean code.


“Along the way, I’ve realised that languages, frameworks, technologies are less important and what really matters are the concepts, the principles, the practices and techniques behind them (...) Design principles, SOLID or architectural patterns, clean code, refactoring principles are very much relevant today as they were 20 years ago.”

Principal Development Consultant | Iasi

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