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Roxana is one of those people who can light up the room with her energy and passion. Her story in Endava started 5 years ago and has some amazing chapters on how to follow your calling and make the most of every opportunity. She started as an intern and found her path to being a People Experience Business Partner by working hard, giving her best and always keeping a smile on. Now she’s traveling around the world to inspire and create new great experiences with and for people.

How did you start out at Endava?

The story goes back around 6 years ago when I first heard about Endava from one of my friends (which is now also my colleague). Since everything about the company seemed so amazing to me, I started ‘stalking’ their initiatives for about 5 months before applying for an intern position, as Learning and Development Officer.

My first interaction with the company (as part of it) was at the 2014 Kick Off (the annual internal event focused on company updates and, of course, a celebration party). At the end of that event I said to myself – I am going to coordinate this event one day. 5 years later, I am the Project Manager of the event at a group level. This was the Endava effect – I had the opportunity to make my objectives come true.

Tell us about what drives you within Endava.

I believe that there were two major factors that helped me get where I am now: the leaders around me, who offered both challenges and support and my love for doing what I have always wanted – working with and for people.

What are the most important lessons you could share?

One of the most important lesson that I’ve learned is that there are several areas in our life that we cannot influence, but the professional path shouldn’t be one of them. Have the courage to ask for what you want, get involved and fight for it – one way or another, you can always influence the direction of the compass.


Share with us one of your proudest moments in Endava.

The chapter I like the most from the past 5 years was the evening of 20th of January  2017 when I received an email from our Head of People and Organisation asking me if I’m interested in accepting the role of the Project Manager for the Kick-off. I remember asking my 5 sisters to read it to me to make sure I understood right. 

It was one of the best moments of my career. I felt that I have finally achieved everything I ever wanted. And it was not just the job. Seeing how many people were supporting me in taking this role and believing in me - that was amazing. Starting with my Line Manager and DU Manager who supported me in having 2 roles at the same time and continuing with to the Executive Team, who took the risk of giving the role to someone who didn’t have experience in project management, all have been a major support for me.  

I can truly say, it was a wonderful journey. I got to travel to places that seemed too far away in the past (like Latin America), but feel like home today. I got to meet amazing people and incredible professionals that have taught me so much. What is most important is that I got to get out of my comfort zone in order to know myself better and believe more in me. I opened my eyes and came to the conclusion that reality was even more amazing than I have ever imagined. This is all because the people around me trusted me and gave me this opportunity. This is why I am an Endava ambassador, because in Endava you get the chance to follow your calling.

Leaving work aside, what could you tell us about yourself? 

My friends say that I am the type of person who wants a million things at the same time and surprisingly manages most of the time.
I love new experiences and one thing that keeps me alive is the fact that I don’t need to be perfect at something to believe I can do more. I don’t run for the prize, I run for the experience. I believe in the power of experiences and this is something that drives me in what I’m doing – so many great journeys await.

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