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1. Describe your professional path within the company:

I started in 2008 as Assistant Management Accountant. My role consisted of delivering everything in accounts you can possibly think of during the times when the finance team was very small – just a few people in the UK and Central Europe. I was dealing with tasks from generating invoices to bank reconciliations, getting to know Endava from the bottom up. The company was not as big then, London HQ was a small office in Kingsway.

Over the course of these 9 years, we have had a lot of changes in the Finance Department and I have followed Endava through its journey and my role has changed over time, from doing transactional postings to being part of the decision making and process implementation teams.

I am now a Financial Planning and Analysis Manager and I am involved in the budgeting, forecasting cycles within Endava and analyse drivers in operations that contribute to our financial results. I am involved in guiding and shaping management accounting information. I work very closely with the senior teams, understanding management accounting information to help facilitate the strategic decisions.

I feel the role that I play is both looking at things from the finance side and from the operations perspective. This is what I enjoy doing – looking at both sides of the business, understanding it and helping bring value to each side.

2. Tell us about what drives you at Endava

What motivates me most is being part of an organisation that has such a fast paced growth, comprehending what is needed to grow the company and being able to see where we’ve come and where we’re going.

I enjoy the culture at Endava – It’s a big family here and I feel that they have invested a lot of time in me and I have invested a lot of time in the company. It’s been a good partnership and I would like to continue that. That’s what motivates me; to see the success of Endava. I feel I have provided a lot of value toward that.

The most important lesson I learned is to adapt to change, since Endava has never sat still. Usually, in accounting jobs, the tasks tend to be repetitive, but not here. There’s always something new to get involved in and you have to be able to adapt to those changes. We have seen a lot of personnel and structural changes and if you can keep up with them and put yourself in a position in which you are still adding value, then that is a success. This is the most important career lesson that I have learnt here.


3. How would your colleagues describe you in one sentence?

Hard-working and fun to work with, engaging with people, someone that they can rely on and ask any questions, someone open when people need to find out something and someone who always finds the time to help. Ha! That’s a long sentence.
4. Tell us more about yourself outside of work:

I love singing and it crossed over into work life because we have an Endava Band called Jen and The Men. I have always enjoyed singing and was part of school choirs so it is nice to share that love with a few members of Endava who also enjoy music.

Other than singing I am a foodie, I like to explore different foods, restaurants, experiencing new cuisines. I like to cook as well when I have the time. I am a little time pressured at the moment, since I’ve recently become a new Mum and I have a new love of my life, Myeley, who is one year old. Before my daughter was born, I was going out and partying with my friends and now I’ve got more of a home life to keep up and I am trying to balance work life and personal life.

Other than that, I love traveling – I come from different parts of the world, my Dad is from Africa and my Mum is from Asia, so I travel to those places and everywhere else when I can get the time.

5. What advice would you give yourself if you were starting work at Endava today?

Be open to change, be the best you can be, develop yourself using the tools you have available (internally and externally). Keep trying to grow in ways you feel is correct for your career and follow the Endava culture.

Humans of Endava


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Humans of Endava


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