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Testing Tech Course


Testing Tech Course | Chisinau

The Testing Tech Course is a highly-specialised, 4-months long programme with a strong applied learning component that is guided by Endava mentors, created for students from the local universities

The course focusses on practical and hands-on knowledge, with a fair amount of theoretical learning, and is available for students in their last two years of study. So far 300+ students have graduated from our Tech Courses.

Sessions usually take place twice per week, after 6 PM, online.

Places are limited, and applicants go through a selection process 

HOW TO APPLY: Send your CV or a short description of yourself at


As part of the Testing fundamentals & Test Analyst module, you will learn the following:
■ What is software testing and why is it necessary;
■ What and how to test;
■ What is Test Analysis and how to perform it;
■ TC structure & Bugs Reports.

As part of the Performance Testing module, you will learn:

■ What is Performance Testing;
■ What are the Performance Testing Types;
■ Understanding Performance Testing workflow;
■ How to script with JMeter and set up counters with "Performance Monitor";
■ Test Execution and analysis;
■ Test Report creation.

During the Automation Testing module:
■ You will learn about test automation, why we need it, and how it's done; 
■ You will have a chance to master tools that automation engineers are using in their day to day work and to write your first automated scenario from scratch;
■ The course will give you visibility of the automation processes and possibility to have a high-level understanding of what test automation is about.

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■ For students in the last two years of study
■ Applicants will go through a selection process in the form of a discussion or a test
■ Places are limited to 25 seats for each course
■ Courses will take place online
Application ends: September 30,  2020
Courses start: October 19,  2020
Programme duration: months
Course schedule: 2 sessions / week, after 6 PM
The course is free of charge. 

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