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School for DevOps


School for DevOps | Sofia

The Endava School for DevOps Programme is an exciting opportunity to kick-start your career in IT, consolidate your knowledge and develop new skills. 

"School for" are highly-specialised, 12-week long programmes with a strong applied learning component, that involve senior colleagues and external trainers who facilitate internal workshops, hands-on project experience and training courses in the area that you would like to grow in, professionally.
What is the Programme about?

Implemented in 2015 for the first time, "Schools for…" represents very specific training programmes made available for people looking to embrace a career in IT, regardless of their background and level of experience. 
The best professionals are welcomed into the Endava team, at the completion of the programme.
Who is encouraged to apply? 

Fresh graduates, students in the last year or enrolled in a Master Programme, IT enthusiasts, young specialists, or professionals looking for a career shift to the IT industry, regardless of background and experience. People with an analytical mindset, being oriented to problem-solving and smart solutions.
What can you expect from the Programme?

■ Supportive work environment: Be matched up with our senior colleagues who will pass on to you their knowledge and expertise
■ Technical excellence: Gain cross-functional skills from our online and in-person training sessions, pass-it-on, workshops and interaction with Endava professionals to gain industry insight
■ The growing environment: Get hands-on experience, comprehensive introduction to our business and be exposed to international projects while operating in an Agile environment
■ Culture of collaboration: Ask questions, receive constructive feedback, learn how to collaborate, make new friends, and create a thriving network

Apply until October 20 by following this LINK.


Programme Highlights

■  Access to technical and soft skills trainings
■  Work with diverse/cutting edge technologies
■  Learn from top-class professionals 
■  Involvement in company’s sports and leisure activities and events
■  Get the opportunity to be offered a full time position within Endava


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