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Head of CyberSecurity Information Assurance

Cyber Security


• Interprets security and assurance policies and contributes to development of standards and guidelines that comply with these, to enable effective assessment of risks to information availability, integrity, authentication and confidentiality.
• Carries out risk assessment of complex information systems and infrastructure components. Contributes to classification of data types held and audits of information systems. Contributes to data breach planning.
• Reviews compliance to information security policies and standards, configuration assessment, and adherence to legal and regulatory requirements, and recommends appropriate action.
• Advises information and network users on information assurance architecture and strategies to manage identified risk, and promotes awareness of policies and procedures. Acts to ensure that they are aware of obligations such as protecting the secrecy of passwords and accounts access details.
• Using established industry and/or organisational protocols and best practices, contributes to digital forensic incident response activities.
• Investigates major breaches of security and recommends appropriate control improvements. Conducts investigation, analysis and review following breaches, and manages the investigation and resolution of security incidents, in accordance with established procedures including incident management procedures. Prepares recommendations for appropriate control improvements, involving other professionals as required.
• Plans and leads the work of small teams of security staff, and acts as project manager on complex IT security specialism projects.


Qualifications and Experience

• Educated to bachelor's degree level and holds a relevant professional qualification. 
• Has at least 10 years of experience in similar environments. Has achieved proficiency in Information assurance and security.
• Has good overall knowledge of numerous areas of information systems practice and applications. Has a thorough understanding of the management processes within the IT function or department and practical knowledge of the principles of information management. Understands information systems auditing practices, and acknowledges the need to maintain a practical and pragmatic approach to standards compliance. Communicates well, both orally and in writing, and has the skill to influence through persuasion in a formal context.
• Has extensive knowledge of the principles and practices involved in development and maintenance and in service delivery. Has good technical understanding and the aptitude to remain up to date with IT security and developments. Possesses a general understanding of the business applications of IT. Is effective and persuasive in both written and oral communication.
• Fluent English, C2 level.


Additional Information

• Competitive salary package.
• Robust benefits package (Bonuses, Discounts and potential Stock Options).
• Diverse activities with a high international share and a wide range of topics.
• State of the art technology.
• Ongoing learning opportunities – complex projects, training, coaching, conferences, workshops, certifications, online learning platforms, subscriptions, etc.
• We live Work-Life-Balance with flexible working hours, home office possibilities.
• Diverse company social life - events, sports tournaments, team buildings, passion groups (e.g. hiking, book club, green team).
• Multicultural environment - working with colleagues and clients across different countries.

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