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Technical Authority



· Set the technical strategy for an Account Group Unit (AGU), working with all of the capability specialists to tailor and focus the offers for the AGU’s market, within the overall firm technical strategy, depending on each AGU need;
· Provide the senior level pre-sales support required by the AGU as it sells to its clients and prospective clients;
· Oversee and undertake assignments in the larger, more complex, and more critical projects running within the AGU to assure delivery and implement technical strategy;
· Oversee the technical quality of project delivery across the AGU, ensuring that Endava’s quality management and review processes are working effectively;
· Run research and development proof-of-concept exercises for new techniques and technologies at the project, AGU, and group level;
· Coordinate and where applicable deliver technical training for their AGU;
· Be responsible for the shepherding and involvement of the AGU’s technical staff in Endava practices;
· Contribute to the development of the firm’s technical strategy as part of the CTO virtual organization;
· Develop an external profile as a speaker, writer, and influencer beyond the firm through conference speaking and attendance, community events, and publishing;
· Contribute to the development of Endava’s overall service and proposition portfolio by taking on capability development projects beyond their own AGU.


Qualifications and Experience

· Previous exposure in technical project delivery discipline, which may include solutions architecture, systems design, software development, business analysis, testing;
· Deep and broad technical capability, being widely recognized as a highly capable individual contributor in your specialization;
· Leadership capabilities to lead, mentor and develop technical staff (direct and indirect reports);
· Good appreciation of risk management, change management, configuration management, reliability and safety methods, and the use of metrics;
· Cross-functional knowledge of other areas such as user experience, data analytics, application management, infrastructure, and testing as well as development;
· Detailed practical knowledge of the IT infrastructure and software development as well as maintenance methods, tools, and techniques used in client projects;
· Communication skills that allow influence over a distributed group of high capability technical professionals, senior managers, and clients;
· The ability and desire to learn new things quickly, often in a self-directed way, to allow the technical director to grow and keep pace with the industry and Endava’s evolving service offer portfolio;
· Client facing skills that allow the technical director to confidently engage with clients, face-to-face or remotely, to represent Endava’s capabilities and also work to resolve problems or concerns.


Additional Information

As Endava grows, we have an increased need for technical leadership and delivery excellence for our clients.

The role of Technical Authority is motivated primarily by providing the AGU's to grow with technology strategy support, innovation thinking, and lean improved delivery (at scale).

A Technical Authority is similar to that of the sub-CTO and is intended that they will have a close working relationship with the CTO, but rather than being concerned with the technical direction of Endava as a whole, the AGU Principal Consultant of Enterprise Architecture focuses primarily on the needs and concerns of their AGU. This will involve understanding the technical and business trends in their industries and communicating the implications of them across their AGU and the wider Endava via service offer owners, DU managers, and Group Heads of Discipline.

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