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Application/Solutions Architect (Azure, .NET)



  • Collaborate with all relevant stakeholders in the project/program/organization to achieve the required goals
  • Create and document system's architecture following appropriate (adopted/required/proposed) models, templates, technologies, tools, principles and practices
  • Analyze current industry and technology trends
  • Drive the decision-making process for the architecture solution, considering all aspects such as enterprise, technologies, environments, principles, external parties
  • Develop proof of concept prototypes for feasibility assessment of the chosen technology solution
  • Review high level estimates, and overall system implementation cost (development, maintenance, etc.)
  • Assess technical risks and assumptions coming from the development teams.
  • Supervise and mentor development teams and provide technical support and guidance during project lifecycle
  • Provide architecture solution for multiple integrated systems at program scope.
  • Define business technology strategy. Look at all aspects of IT required to meet business needs
  • Define Cloud/Infrastructure solution for Infrastructure Architects


Qualifications and Experience

  • A degree in IT (Computer Science, etc.)
  • English Language (C1)
  • Knowledge of modeling tools (UML, BPMN, etc.)
  • Knowledge of well-known architecture patterns and styles
  • Good understanding of the key quality attributes (performance, scalability, monitoring, usability, etc.)
  • Ability to apply structured architectural approaches to capture key views
  • Good organizational and leadership skills
  • Good communication and presentation abilities
  • Good interpersonal skills, team player with the ability to influence others to move towards the consensus
  • Good knowledge of programming languages concepts, paradigms, frameworks, etc
  • Familiar with latest technology trends and ability to make the right assessments on technology choice
  • Understand key advantages and limitations of the commonly used technologies (databases, programming languages, network, infrastructure, etc.)
  • Understand software product lifecycle
  • Have the technology-agnostic vision and approach
  • Cloud Architects: Have relevant qualification or specialization of a Cloud platform (AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenStack, etc.)


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