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Devops Engineer

Application Management


  • Providing support for software engineers working with Agile methodologies, working within the software development team and across collaborating teams to coordinate services and support. 
  • Preparing environments, tools and methods for Continuous Delivery and integration through the software development lifecycle (SDLC) 
  • Building CI/CD pipelines 
  • Supporting the SDLC events; planning, story estimation, stand-ups, sprint reviews and retrospectives 
  • On-call support where this is necessary as part of a software development team 
  • Attending problem meetings with clients and internal managers 
  • Sharing knowledge across DevOps, Development, Testing and Infrastructure teams 
  • Contributing to the CD and DevOps practices within Endava to share best practice and develop Endava’s capability 


Qualifications and Experience

  • 3 years’ experience from similar backgrounds, or with exceptionally skilled candidates with a strong background in infrastructure services, automation or similar.? 
  • Grounding in the consequences of operational impact from software delivery 
  • Demonstrable experience of delivering technical change projects, working within an organization that has adopted the DevOps philosophy 
  • Strong experience of Continuous Integration/Delivery technologies, concepts and tools, having worked within a software engineering environment 
  • Understanding of application deployment and release management best practices e.g. Blue/Green, Canary, Dark launch/feature-flagging 
  • Good working knowledge of “Infrastructure-as-Code” and Configuration Management tools (such as Ansible, Puppet, Chef or Salt etc). 
  • Multi Operating System knowledge 
  • Good knowledge of infrastructure including public, private and hybrid cloud. 
  • Knowledge of networking including TCP/IP knowledge and security awareness 
  • Familiarity with software versioning tools e.g. Git, SVN 
  • Knowledge of scripting, eg. Bash shell scripting, Python, Windows PowerShell (DSC), VB etc. 
  • Strong english skills (Level 90%) 

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