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School for .NET (remote)

Development - .NET


  • Are you a developer looking for an opportunity to improve your .net skills and learn from a team of cool & passionate IT professionals?

Join Endava through the “School for .NET Development” to gain an accelerate knowledge on topics like .NET, .NET Core, Persistence and web integration. 

“School for .NET Development” is a 6-week training programme developed by Endava to grow technical skills of our new development colleagues. 

By joining the programme, you will be able to bridge the gap between university classes and future project assignments.

Start date: May 30, 2022 - as a new Endava Employee, with full-time working contract.

Location: Hybrid work (Endava Premises and Work from Home)


Qualifications and Experience

  • Skills Needed:

What do you need to have in order to be one of the 10 IT professionals selected for our training programme? 

  • Exposure to OOP concepts & the C# programming language;
  • Basic knowledge of SQL;
  • Passion for software design and development;
  • Ability to research new technologies &languages;
  • A proactive behavior and the motivation to learn quickly; 
  • Problem solving skills;
  • Extracurricular activities would be a plus (e.g. personal projects, being a member of research Labs/Academies, training, certifications); 
  • Good knowledge of the English language, in both spoken and written form. 


Additional Information

Technical trainings and hands-on exercises on subjects such as: 

  • .NET Core and related technologies (fundamentals and more advanced concepts); 
  • Persistence (with SQL databases);
  • Enterprise Integration;
  • Security;
  • Web Integration.

Mentorship programme delivered by experienced IT professionals. You'll then be assigned to one of our many .NET projects, and continue developing your .NET Development skills.


1. Send your CV.

2. The candidates will automatically receive an email with a LINK to our Testing tool and further instruction. You will have 3 days to complete the online test.

3. All suitable candidates will be invited for a short discussion.

4. The selected candidates will be presented a hiring offer.

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