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Embedded Developer - Linux / C / Sensors

Development - C++


The Embedded Systems Developer will be integrated into the Development Discipline and will contribute to projects delivered for our international customers. Here is the list of your main responsibilities.

  • Work closely with the Design Lead and the development team to define and implement technical solutions.
  • Develop software by following Agile/XP software development methodology.
  • Participate in the validation / acceptance phase of the product cycle ensuring the fine tuning necessary to finalize the products delivered to our customers.


Qualifications and Experience

  • Technical collaboration acumen.
    • Able to gather and produce technical artifacts from and for the team.
    • Work closely with teammates to discover/solve technical challenges.
    • Determine next steps necessary to deliver the project in time and with high quality attributes.
  • Extensive experience with controlling and configuration of embedded systems.
  • Extensive experience with C/C++ programming language.
  • Experience with Python and Shell programming languages.
  • Strong experience with Linux frameworks.
  • Strong experience with compilers, builds, delivery artifacts.
  • Good understanding of OOP concept
  • Good understanding of IoT concepts.
  • Good understanding of General Integration & Evaluation of sensor performance, accuracy, precision, interference, etc.
  • IMU experience (accelerometers, gyroscope, digital magnetic compass, etc.)
  • Knowledge of ToF (non-traditional) and RGB (traditional) cameras used to detect gestures in real time.
  • Hands-on with real time SoC and Sensors debugging practices.
  • Extensive experience with software engineering good practices (unit testing, code review, continuous integration, design documentation)
  • Strong knowledge of continuous delivery concepts
  • Team player
  • Advanced communication skills both in written and spoken English.


Additional Information

Nice to Have Skills

  • Knowledge of AR/XR devices in is a plus.
  • Experience with system optimization process is a plus.
  • Hands-on with on device ML processing.
  • Knowledge of 5G, GPS technology
  • Power management of the latest CPUs and Sensors
  • Experience with prototyping

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