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Endava Summer Internship 2022 - Automation Testing



We are thrilled to announce the start of the selection process for our Summer Internship Program.

Endava Summer Internship is a full-time, 10 weeks long INTENSIVE online training program, developed by Endava’s IT experts to support the knowledge growth of the Bulgarian IT community.

The program offers students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain direct practical experience and after a successful completion to kick off their career in the IT sphere.

The internship is the missing piece that will enrich your theoretical knowledge and will link it to the practical skills needed for real-life projects. Why not give your career a head start as:

Software automation tester –automation testing is a crucial discipline in the modern software development lifecycle. You will focus on how to ensure the best quality through designing test cases, automating API, UI and DB tests, execution, reporting and many things from the real project world.

What’s in for you?

  • Intensive technical training sessions in Object oriented programming and design, Design patterns, Clean code, Web APIs, Databases, Clean code, Scrum delivery process and many more
  • Practical knowledge gained by working in a safe real project environment
  • Being mentored and guided by Endava’s IT experts
  • Transition to a permanent job at Endava after successful completion of the internship
  • Labor contract during the program


Qualifications and Experience

What will you need to get started?

  • Current enrollment in or recent completion of a degree or certificate program in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related fields
  • Being passionate about software design, development, and testing
  • Being a positive, proactive person, fast learner, and motivated to further grow
  • Basic OOP concepts knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of programming in C#
  • Basic JavaScript and HTML/CSS knowledge
  • Basic SQL knowledge
  • Fluency in English language, both spoken and written
  • A collaborative, respectful, and inquisitive attitude

*Due to the intensity and the full-time schedule, we recommend the program for either fresh graduates or 3rd and 4th year academic students.


Additional Information

The application process consists of 4 stages

  • Apply on our career website and expect an email with further instructions
  • Complete the online entry test
  • All short-listed candidates will be invited for a brief on-line discussion
  • Sign your contract and join Endava Summer Internship on 1st August 2022

Each candidate is allowed to take the test only once and all other attempts and results would NOT be considered!



  • Is there an opportunity to stay at Endava on a permanent role after successful completion of the internship program? – Yes, there is. All interns who have successfully completed the program will be presented the opportunity to start on a permanent full-time job at Endava
  • Is there an opportunity for a part-time participation in the internship? – Due to the intensity of the program, the internship is scheduled to take place full-time Monday-Friday for the whole duration.
  • Is the internship suitable for university freshers? - Due to the intensity and the full-time schedule, we recommend the program for either fresh graduates or 3rd and 4th year academic students.
  • Is the internship paid? – Yes, for the duration of the program Endava offers a fixed term labor contract as well as remuneration.
  • Is there flexibility regarding academic commitments and exams? – Yes, we do offer flexibility by prior arrangement with the mentors
  • Is the program remote/on-line? – Yes, the program will be held online.

We are listening

How would you rate your experience with Endava so far?

We would appreciate talking to you about your feedback. Could you share with us your contact details?