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Communication Specialist

People Development & Recruitment


Supports the delivery/articulation of the Endava values & strategy via simple, engaging, accurate and consistent visual, verbal, and written communications.

Responsible for the tactical execution of the local communications strategy
Produces original, innovative communications content that connects colleagues to the company.
Drives and promote consistency concerning functions and business communications.
Handles the delivery and project managing of events.
Responsible for supporting the delivery of local all-hands meetings, such as kickoffs, in close collaboration within local teams and processes to ensure information cascade from global to regions.
Develops a good understanding of the business's strategic goals, performance, and audiences and translate that knowledge into clear and compelling communications.
Acts as advisor to the Leadership Team members on all internal communication & engagement matters
Supports the development and implementation of internal communications activities related to the business.
Supports the development and implementation of creative, cost-effective and impactful ways to increase awareness, understanding and engagement in the related strategy and create the red thread to our company strategy.
Is responsible for ensuring a continuous and positive media presence related to different Endava news, such as financial results, technical events, etc.
Supports the CSR strategy at regional and local level



Qualifications and Experience

Exceptional written and verbal communications skills, with a proven record of partnering to develop and implement effective employee communication strategies.
Excellent English writing and speaking skills.
Experience working in an international organization adept at building effective relationships with key internal stakeholders across the company.
Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with internal and external parties of all types/backgrounds.
Effectively write strategic plans, messaging documents, multimedia campaigns, social media and more
Experience with managing complex communication issues, budget and project management.

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