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iOS Developer

Development - iOS


As an iOS developer you will be one of the main drivers of our clients digital transformation. You have the chance to fundamentally change the way they operate and how they deliver value to their customers.
Their product's success is in your hands so if you like to make an impact beyond coding, if you like challenging the status quo and if you like driving innovation into all areas of a business, then you are coming to the right place.
Whether you prefer phones or tablets, smart watches or smart tvs, you will be able to contribute to apps and projects across all Apple/Android ecosystems.
Regardless of whether you like to explore the safeguarding world of banking and fintech or if you get excited working with machine learning, IoT and other innovative technologies, you will find a huge variety of business domains and verticals.
Finally, you will have access to the latest tools, technology, and education materials, allowing you to develop the skills of your own choosing.
If you are ready for this, let's make an impact together!


Qualifications and Experience

Technical Skills

• Swift programming and best practices
• Objective c experience is a plus
• Mobile specific design patterns
• Experience working with REST APIs and Sockets
• Unit Testing
• CI/CD knowledge and experience is a plus

Other skills

• Communication skills
• Agile processes knowledge and experience
• Time management skills
• Strong English skills (spoken and written)
• Soft skills: proactive, team player


About Endava

Endava is reimagining the relationships between people and technology. For the past 20 years it has helped some of the world's leading Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Media, Technology and Retail companies accelerate their ability to take advantage of new business models and market opportunities. We have more than 8200 employees located in close to client locations in Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States and nearshore delivery centers in the EU: Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia; Central European Countries: North Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina; Latin America: Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and Venezuela.

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