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DevOps Engineer

Application Management


First things first – currently, we are on the lookout for DevOps, Sys Admins, Cloud, Automation, and Infrastructure Engineers of different seniorities. Whether you are Junior, Medior or Senior, you have some or no experience with DevOps technology (but you are interested and willing to learn) click on the apply button, say hi – we’d like to meet you. 

At our Belgrade, Kragujevac, Novi Sad, Cacak and Nis offices we are running a number of challenging projects for well-known international companies which are leaders in Software, Telecommunication, Insurance, Finance, IoT, Crypto and Logistics industries (and some of those are on the Fortune 500 list!). We receive an increasing workload from our clients, aim to have long-term relationships with them and therefore are always in a need of hiring more people skilled with DevOps/Cloud Operations.

Now, let’s see – you may wonder: what’s in it for you?

We can start off by saying that we are a big stable  (10000+ engineers on a global level!) and one of the largest IT companies in Serbia operating since 2015!

  • After a successful selection process...

You join us and we suggest a project that would work best for you based on your interests, skills and experience. Don’t worry if you feel less experienced! You’ll be working with top-notch engineers in the team who will be in charge to help you grow, provide support and guidance. And most importantly - you have the last word, and you decide which project suits you the best! You would be a part of an Agile team and have the opportunity to use different tools and technologies. No on-call, unannounced or unpaid overtime. 

During your first days you also get a Line Manager, DevOps Career Coach and Compensation Reviewer. Yes, alongside your Project/Line Manager, you get a dedicated DevOps Career Coach to help you with your personal and professional growth as well as a person who gathers feedback and reviews your compensation regularly. 

  • As a part of our DevOps Community...

You would be surrounded by many DevOps Engineers in Serbia and even more globally – we won’t ever leave you hanging. 

In addition to that, you would have access to a wide variety of most popular e-learning platforms (Udemy, Coursera, A Cloud Guru, PluralSight, O'Reilly), internal guided trainings, lectures and bootcamps (both local and global). And if you wish to attend an external conference or to get a certain tech certification – Endava supports that and covers the expenses. 

  • Let’s say you’ve joined us and have been on a project for some time...

You are satisfied but you simply want something new and different. Luckily, we got that scenario covered. We always have a couple of dozen interesting projects and you can pick the one you like the most and continue your career there. We provide you with such opportunities within the company and will support you in driving your career in any direction you want to go! 

As for reviews – we have frequent promotion evaluations and transparent grading system with 7 grades (not just the usual Junior, Medior and Senior). The criteria and expectations for each grade are transparent and you can always get more informed easily via different platforms. 


Qualifications and Experience

You might be wondering what do we expect from you? We feel that’s quite simple.  

You should apply if you have: 

  • Passion for continuous learning about new technologies  
  • Genuine interest and capability in problem solving and improvements 
  • Understanding or experience with one of the major cloud providers: AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud 
  • Some experience with system administration 
  • Used command line or scripting 
  • Experience automating something 
  • Used source control 

And it would be awesome if you have understanding or experience with: 

  • CI/CD concepts and tools such as Jenkins  
  • Any popular Configuration Management tools, such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet, etc.  
  • Containerization technology such as Docker and Kubernetes  


Additional Information

You think this all sounds great, clicked apply – what can you expect? 

  • Our selection process consists of three steps and lasts 3.5 hours altogether - HR interview, technical discussion and, last but definitely not the least, conversation about our projects and opportunities for career development within the company with our Hiring manager.   
  • Between each step, we provide you with feedback within two weeks maximum. 
  • All interviews are held online. 

We are listening

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