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Senior Java Developer

Development - Java


We are looking for motivated professionals that want to work in a large-scale product that handles complex business logic in a reliable way, that also is tailored for multiple clients.
The main responsibility will be to develop new features and adapt existing ones for the specifics of a given country’s banking system, while maintaining existing workflows. 

You will solve complex technical problems that other team members may encounter, review and enforce the quality of code written within your team as an integral part of a Scrum team. You have ownership on how to implement new features, as long as they are delivered with a good level of quality.

The project is the first-ever fully cloud-based enterprise media platform for media agencies and advertisers. The platform consists of multiple microservices shared across multiple teams and locations.

The position requires Java knowledge, teamwork and communication with other teams for alignment towards the common goal of frequently releasing new features to production.

The team shape is: 1 Design Lead, 3 Java developers, 2 Frontend developers, 3 Testers, Business Analyst, Scrum Master.

The delivery approach is Scrum, so working experience with Agile delivery is desirable.


Qualifications and Experience

Technical Skills

Back-end technologies:

  • Clean code and code review skills
  • Java 11+
  • Proficient with Spring Framework: Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Security, Spring AOP
  • Hibernate
  • REST
  • Junit
  • Maven
  • SQL (PostgreSQL)
  • Liquibase, Flyway
  • Kafka
  • ActiveMQ
  • gRPC
  • Elasticsearch
  • Groovy and Spock
  • Code security principles

Other skills

  • Creative, being able to analyse and provide multiple solutions for a specific problem
  • Being able to act fast with quick fixes on live when urgent
  • Good communication skills
  • Agile processes knowledge and experience
  • Time management skills, resilient to change
  • Strong English skills (spoken and written)
  • Soft skills: sociable, proactive, team player

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