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Data Analyst



In depth understanding of data, data flows and data extraction, processing, and visualization tools.

o The application of BI and DWH concepts to the support of specific business functions or processes (Examples: data ingestion, data validation, data cleaning, data processing and ETL).

o Tools (query interfaces) and concepts regarding data and databases (Examples: data flow diagrams, relational data modelling, user story, data dictionary, data lineage, source to target mapping).

o Methods and techniques for writing effective reports.

o Collecting and interpreting data

o Analyzing results

o Reporting the results back to the relevant members of the business

o Identifying patterns and trends in data sets

o Working alongside teams within the business or the management team to establish business needs

o Defining new data collection and analysis processes


Qualifications and Experience

The Data Analyst will provide the necessary analysis by modeling the data, exploring, and visualizing it using Big Data, ETL and interrogation techniques (SQL).

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