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Senior Data Architect

Internal IT


Working for the Enterprise Architecture team you will lead the development and implementation of the data model for our internal Enterprise Data Integration platform. 

• Work with our senior data architect to develop and implement our data architecture principles and ensure good practices are followed throughout our portfolio
• Collaborate closely with the rest of the Enterprise Architecture team in order to ensure alignment with or recommend better data architecture principles
• Contribute to enhancing the enterprise data architecture knowledge repository by incorporating data models from all products and services that we operate
• Contribute to developing the enterprise data governance framework, identify and maintain a structured set of data quality rules, develop a system for monitoring data quality defects and applying corrective measures
• Contribute in building the enterprise analytical model to be used by the unified reporting system
• Design and implement a re-usable framework to be applied for the integration of data coming from systems belonging to newly acquired companies (M&A context) 


Qualifications and Experience

• Education to bachelor's degree level desirable may have post-graduate qualifications and relevant certifications are a plus
• Previous experience of 5+ years as a data architect or specialist, covering application or integration architecture, throughout the entire delivery lifecycle
• Solution architecture
• Good oral and written communication skills in English
• Systems design
• Data Management
• Data Modeling and Design
• Database Design
• Data Integration Process Modeling and Design

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