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Agile Coach

Business Operations and Strategy


• Manages the provision of consultancy services and/or a team of consultants. In own areas of expertise, provides advice and guidance to consultants and/or the client when delivering consultancy services. Engages with clients and maintains client relationships. Establishes consultancy agreements/contracts and manages completion and disengagement.
• Manages the execution of business process improvements. Analyses and designs business processes to identify alternative solutions to improve efficiency, and effectiveness as well as exploit new technologies and automation. Develops graphical models of business processes to facilitate understanding and decision-making. Assesses the feasibility of business process changes and recommends alternative approaches. Selects, tailors, and implements methods and tools for improving business processes at programme, project, or team level. Contributes to the definition of organisational policies, standards, and guidelines for business process improvement.
• Defines, documents, and executes small projects or sub-projects. Works alone or with a small team actively participating in all phases of the project. Applies appropriate project management methods and tools. Identifies, assesses, and manages risks effectively. Agrees on project approach with stakeholders and prepares realistic project plans (including scope, schedule, quality, risk, and communication plans). Tracks activities against the project schedule, managing stakeholder involvement as appropriate. Monitors costs, times, quality, and resources used and take action where these exceed agreed tolerances.
• Facilitates workgroups to deliver defined goals and outcomes. Provides support, guidance, and suggestions to workgroups and teams to learn collaborative problem solving and improve their team performance. Creates shared responsibilities and sustainable agreements with the team. Implements and improves agreed team principles, practices, and processes ceremonies. Recognises and works with the strengths and constraints of team dynamics.
• Works closely with the sales team to help prospects clarify their needs and requirements. Devises solutions and assesses their feasibility and practicality. Demonstrates technical feasibility using physical or simulation models. Resolves technical problems. Produces estimates of cost and risk and initial project plans to inform sales proposals.


Qualifications and Experience

• 5+ years of practical experience leading agile/ Scrum deliveries in a multi-product environment.
• At least 2 years of experience applying, and sharing their agile leadership in the multi-domains environment, focusing on bottom-up change and contributing to the top-down change as well.
• Experience in multiple engagements/contexts, typically 8+ teams, 3+ POs, same Portfolio, multiple Programmes
• Experience in working in tailored, and context-adapted agile practices. Possess an executive presence, and the ability to coach multiple teams across connected Domains.
• Has a body of evidence like case studies, references, and data that have helped teams or organisations improve their performance through coaching and training
• Has gained experience working as a user or supplier of information services with significant exposure to, and knowledge of, a major service provision Skill and the operational flows of the organization
• Skilled at reshaping, organizational structures, and engagement models that help with frictionless delivery
• Ability to shape a particular Delivery Model to a customer Business Model
• Demonstrates high standards of professional behaviour in dealings with clients, colleagues, and staff, and proven ability to manage a consultancy assignment with a team of consultants. Has a comprehensive knowledge of at least one specific area and a broad understanding across a wide field along with a record of applying such knowledge successfully in a variety of situations. Demonstrates the ability to take significant responsibility, shows skill in the management of change, and can handle contacts of all types and at all levels. Is able to make sound and far-reaching decisions alone on major issues and to take full responsibility for them on a technical or managerial basis
• Has experience in facilitating work groups on a continuous basis to deliver defined goals and outcomes. Is familiar with coaching. Has experience in supporting focused work groups and teams to learn, solve problems collaboratively, and improve their team performance. Has created responsibilities and sustainable agreements with the team. Has experience in implementing team principles, practices, processes, and ceremonies. Is familiar with working with the strengths and constraints of the team.


Additional Information

The focus areas for the Agile Coach role would be:

• Agile at Product Domain / Connected products / Programme Level: Focus on bottom-up change: agile proficiencies of all connected teams; Influence connected stakeholders, connected products, dependencies across systems, and platforms.
• Agile at Business Unit / Product ecosystem / Portfolio Level: contributes to the top-down change: agile proficiencies of Product Domain, and Business Unit; Connects all bottom-up changes into a cohesive agile at-scale implementation; Influences senior stakeholders and organizational change.
The Agile Coach has delivery experience in multiple contexts involving multi teams/products/domains and has advanced knowledge, and experience in at least one world-leading agile at scale model. The Agile Coach will initiate, maintain, and tune the interaction model that suits the Product Domain level considering the larger Business Unit context and closely collaborate with the guiding coalition that drives the top-down change. The role will coach stakeholders and teams; contribute to developing the Endava Adaptive Model, create and lead complex training, and coaching programs for Endavans and clients.
As part of agile optimization, the Agile Coach will often take the role of Senior Scrum Master and will directly manage 1-3 teams to deliver a product in a connected teams/products environment and will ensure co-planning and coordination at the connected products/teams level in engagements that has typically 2-7 teams, 1-3 POs, same Roadmap, same Programme. The role will ensure clear expectations setting, harmonization in co-planning, integrated product increment, cross-team coordination, cohesive tech solution, and responding to change for connected teams/products. The Agile Coach will identify, assess, and manage risks, impediments, and dependencies (including dependencies across systems, and platforms) that might impact the success of the delivery of the connected products; act as a facilitator for changes at Connected teams level.

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