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Endava Tech Flow



Skopje, Macedonia | 05 October 2017

What is innovation in today’s fast moving world of technology?

To what extent do we really bring innovation in our day-to-day work? Have you ever wondered what the technology that powers Bitcoin is? How does quality in software fuel innovation? What the connection between art and software development is?

On October 5th join us at another Endava Tech Flow event and let’s find out.

Bringing together passionate IT professionals and innovative technologies, the event challenges traditional approaches and drives an exciting opportunity for learning about current trends in technology.

Key Speakers

  • Eoin Woods

    CTO, Endava

    Eoin Woods is CTO at Endava, where he leads the technical strategy for the firm.  Eoin is a widely published author in both the research and industrial communities, and is co-author of the well-known book "Software Systems Architecture", published by Addison-Wesley.  He is a regular conference speaker and an active member of the London software engineering community. His main technical interests are software architecture, distributed systems and computer security.


    Tour of Blockchain

    Blockchain has become the new “looking for problems” technical solution in domains from diamond tracking, to securities clearing and property registers to KYC customer checking.  In this talk, we will briefly review the fundamental ideas underpinning blockchain technologies and consider what problems its defining architectural characteristics make it suitable for. We will get an idea of what it is like to work with blockchain technology by showing how to write and execute some simple "smart contracts" in a development environment.  We will cover what a blockchain is and is not, the architectural characteristics of blockchain technology, possible uses of blockchain and the development process for smart contract based systems.

  • Goce Kalamadevski

    Head of Development in Skopje, Endava

    Goce Kalamadevski is a Software Engineer with more than 12 years of experience, currently holding the position of Head of Development at Endava. With a heart and soul for software engineering, he has worked with different technologies over time, from Java, C# to Python, JavaScript and more.


    Blockchain Technical Exploration

    Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum are some of the cryptocurrencies that hide a bigger picture around blockchain, the technology that drives them. This talk will not be about how the market is accepting cryptocurrencies or how you can use them. What you can expect is to see how to “interact” with blockchain, what are the tools and programming languages you can use and the possible applications of the technology.

  • Vlado Bozhinovski

    Design Lead, Endava

    Vlado Bozhinovski is a Design Lead with more than 12 year of experiences in the Software Engineering field, having worked with several technologies, including Java, C# and JavaScript. He is always trying to improve the performance and quality of the software he and team develop by constantly learning and improving innovative methodologies and practices.

    Serverless Architecture

    Get a brief introduction to Serverless Architecture and Serverless computing: What is Serverless architecture and why should we care? What is Backend as a Service (BaaS) and Function as a Service (FaaS). In addition, we will briefly cover the current options: AWS, Azure, and Google.

  • Elizabeta Ilievska

    Senior Developer, Endava

    Elizabeta Ilievska is a passionate senior software engineer in Endava, currently working on building back-end systems for the Banking sector. She has more than 5 years of experience in software development and is interested in methodologies that improve productivity and the quality of software development on large distributed projects.


    Quality Views: A new way of improving quality

    Working in an Agile, rapid development environment, across multiple distributed teams, with a strong chain of dependencies is bound to leave a mark on the code. Elizabeta will go through our method of handling technical depth, inspired by Tesla’s use of Quality Views. By custom tailoring this method of visualising technical depth, we are able to boost awareness around the quality of the code, with both development teams and the project’s stakeholders.

  • Stefan Spasovski

    Senior Developer, Endava

    Stefan is a Senior Software Engineer in Endava. He used to be a part-time teaching assistant at the Institute of Informatics FNSM, followed by FCSE. He joined the industry to work on redesigning an AI system for the Top Eleven football manager game after which he worked on the development of a full stack indie game and now he is working on highly-scalable solutions for Endava. He is currently implementing a micro-services architecture on existing products for a zero-downtime solution.


    We are software development artists

    See an unconventional presentation about how we can benefit from an artist’s way of working. Stefan will go through the best practices applied for centuries in the world’s 7 traditional arts (architecture, sculpture, painting, music, poetry, dance, performing), emphasize on which of those are the most beneficial, and have a foundation that makes them applicable in software development as well.

  • Aleksandar Trajanovski

    Senior Developer, Endava

    Aleksandar Trajanovski is a Software Engineer interested in the crossroad of business and technology, so being exposed to a constant flow of innovative technologies is like a second nature for him. He is passionate about R&D in the world of IoT, cognitive services, and he is testing and implementing interesting approaches and technologies on a daily basis.


    Game changers for IoT

    We are beginning to gain access and gain the ability to refine data, looking at it through a natural interface. Sneak peek into some of the systems and technologies that can become game-changers for IoT, allowing organisations to easily access and gain insights from the influx of IoT data.



17:30 – 18:00 Registration
18:00 – 18:15 Stefan Spasovski – “We are software development artists”
18:15 – 18:30 Elizabeta Ilievska – “Quality Views: A new way of improving quality”
18:30 – 18:45 Vlado Bozinovski – “Serverless Architecture”
18:45 – 19:00 Aleksandar Trajanovski – “Game changers for IoT”
19:00 – 19:45 Eoin Woods - “Tour of Blockchain” 
19:45 – 20:15 Goce Kalamadevski – “Blockchain Technical Exploration”
20:15 – Networking & Cocktail   

LOCATION: City Hall Center, Skopje


Thank you for your interest! 
We are sorry to inform you that the registration is close, as we have reached full capacity. Keep an eye on our future tech events in Skopje by following our official Facebook Page.
We look forward to meet you in our next events!

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