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Iasi, Romania | 16 March 2019

With every line of code, with every automation test, with every design pattern: aim for impact. Be fearless in your work and create software to change your life and career, your community, the business, the world.

Get one step closer to engineering for impact by joining Endava Tech Flow, sharing experiences and connecting with other exceptional IT professionals and international speakers.


Key Speakers


    Software Craftsman & Co-founder Codurance


    Software design should enable business agility, but often we have a mismatch between product design and software design. In this talk, Sandro will describe how a software design approach focused on behaviour and also driven from the external interactions and business flows can enable a better collaboration between business and technology. This talk focuses on techniques that create a bigger overlap between product and software design and, at the same time, produce an Agile architecture that is more resilient, focused and fully aligned to business goals 

    ABOUT SANDRO: Pioneer in Software Craftsmanship, international speaker, renowned author, software design specialist, and co-founder at Codurance. 


    Group Head of Creative Services, Endava


    As consumer needs and competitive landscapes are rapidly evolving, the new digital transformation wave has a huge impact on us, as individuals, but also on our society and even our humanity. I will speak about how the new digital imperative calls for more fundamental action in four different areas (people, data, innovation and value) and how can we, as individuals, can change the way we think in order to have a lasting impact on our society.

    ABOUT ANDREI: Experienced CX design professional with a background in building next-generation digital products that focus on customer needs. Andrei assembled and led design teams that brought customer-centric focus, creativity and business impact to people and organisations across the globe. In his day-to-day job, Andrei shapes design teams that are effective at scale and work collaboratively, leading the effort in creating better experiences for people by bridging technology choices, business strategies and customer needs.



    Delivery Manager, Endava


    The world is getting digitised. Moreover, whether there are sometimes unintended societal changes and consequences, the overwhelming impact of digitisation is positive: more connected people, more efficient processes, higher mobility, vast amounts of new opportunities and an entirely new realm for people to express themselves and grow. 
    Irina will be talking about her experience in digitising bits of this world, with a huge impact on people’s lives. She’s doing that by driving a Digital Transformation Programme where real impact is improving the lives of people living with cancer.

    ABOUT IRINA: She has been part of Endava for almost 10 years, a period during which she had experience with various roles, all contributing towards the delivery of digital products. As a Developer, an Application Management Engineer, a Scrum Master or a Project Manager, Irina contributed to the evolution of systems, platforms, processes, and organisations toward a more digitally-enhanced world. From her current position as a Delivery Manager, she is leading relationships with several Endava clients in the Media & Publishing Business Unit, a highly dynamic, competitive and fast-paced environment where constant digital innovation and speed-to-market are essentials for survival.


    Test Automation Lead, Endava


    Development framework and application architecture are changing really fast, but the testing tools remain the same. Testing a microservice only at the UI level isn’t the best practice anymore, and the community has to come with a new approach. Building a custom test automation framework seems to be the trend now but how do you construct an extensible and easily maintainable framework? This talk is all about best practices, architecture design and advantages of testing at the API level.

    ABOUT ANDREI: A strong advocate of quality in any project, Andrei values quality over quantity. He is an excellent test automation engineer and enjoys finding a solution for any technical problem. His primary focus is on providing fast and reliable test automation frameworks, mainly written in Java and JavaScript. He is also a fan of CI, Agile and DevOps way of working and developing.

    During his experience, he created a UI testing framework with Selenium, Protractor and Appium; and also API testing frameworks with RestAssured. His current role as a Test Automation Lead in Endava recommend him as one of the most technical people from the Testing discipline.



09:00 – 09:45 Registration & Welcoming
09:45 – 10:00 Intro
10:00 – 10:45 Andrei Frincu
10:45 – 11:30 Irina Gheorghita
11:30 – 12:00 Coffee & Networking Break
12:00 – 12:45 Andrei Stoica
12:45 – 13:30 Sandro Mancuso
13:30 – 14.00 Networking session

LOCATION: Teatrul National, Iasi

The event is open to the entire tech community in Iasi. Register and save your seat. See you there!


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