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Code4Pitesti / Hackathon Rules


General Rules

 ■ Open source contributions are encouraged 
 ■ All participants must have coding/testing experience 
 ■ Teams can be formed of 2 to 5 people. Individual applications will be assigned to a team 
 ■ Participants can bring their own ideas 
 ■ We encourage all the teams to have an agreement in place before starting to work 
 ■ All team members must have completed the participation agreement to compete 
 ■ By participating in this hackathon, you agree that the hackathon organisers shall not be liable for any disputes or damages related to the hackathon, its attendees, intellectual property, and related projects

There will be an initial selection based on the below criteria:

 ■ The originality of the idea that you want to work on during this hackathon and the potential impact on the community
 ■ Have at least 2 experienced people (+3 years IT experience) in the team – in order to assure the quality and the expertise needed to your project 
 ■ Your motivation to join this event - we are looking for passionate people who have a desire to have an impact in their community 

Other things you should know:

 ■ Bring your own laptops, phones, tablets 
 ■ We provide access to internet and infrastructure support 
 ■ We supply meals, drinks and coffee throughout the event 

Technical Rules

All teams will start coding at the same time.

Technical Rules

■ Applications must be coded in English or Romanian
■ All work (including code and documentation) needs to be submitted by Sunday, December 11th, 11:00 AM - the latest revision before the deadline will be considered as the final version
■ The projects will be pitched in front of the jury, at the location of the event
■ You must demo your work in 5 min – 10 min presentation (including desired inputs and outputs) & 5 min Q&A from the jury
■ Instructions on how the code has to be executed will be provided

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns related to the technical rules.

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