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Develop ideas & Make an impact! Your Code. Our City.


Code4Pitesti / Hackathon 2nd Edition

Pitesti, Romania | 10 - 11 December 2016

We are professional software engineers and each day we put our skills to good work. We are part of a community and have great ideas to change the city we live in. We believe in solving local issues through innovative solutions.

If you are up for the challenge, enter the Code4Pitesti / Hackathon 2nd Edition competition: it’s going to be intense! You will engage with the best software engineers in Pitesti, having one goal: to make our community better!

To register for the hackathon you have to fill in the form below by December 8th.

This challenge is for passionate and creative IT people, eager to put their engineering excellence in the service of a smart community. Whether you are a backend developer, UI designer, tester, entrepreneur, or just interested in tech, you are invited to join. Bring your friends and work together as a team!

Supporting details are provided in the General Rules section.


Saturday, December 10th

08.30 – Welcoming & Breakfast
09.00 – Intro
09.45 – Short break for strategy
10.00 – Coding time
13.00 – Lunch break
14.00 – Coding time
18.00 – Dinner
19.00 – Coding time (all night)

Sunday, December 11th

08.00 – Breakfast
09.00 – Finalize the projects
11.00 – Pencils down, no more coding
11.00 – Demo time
13.00 – Lunch break
14.30 – Awards gala
15.00 – Networking

What's the Challenge?

24 hours intense coding experience, working side by side with others to bring your idea to life and make it happen.

We won’t stop here! Because great changes come with patience and small steps. This is how Code4Pitesti / Hackathon is aiming to develop as a community initiative. We will continue to make a difference in the community and each edition will be challenging you to focus on a specific area.


At the end of the Code4Pitesti / Hackathon 2nd Edition all teams will receive support from Endava to further develop and implement the solutions generated during Code4Pitesti / Hackathon. We will offer space, internet access and expertise from our professionals to refine their projects. Hack Nights are organised for this purpose and will take place monthly, in January and February 2017, in a dedicated Endava office space.

Also, we are open to assist the teams to get in touch with the NGOs and institutions which can help the further implementation of the solutions. Having the applications up and running would get us closer to Code4Pitesti / Hackathon goal: to make an impact in Pitesti community.

All the prizes are meant to help the teams to further develop the idea and their technical expertise: tablets, eBook readers and technical books.

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