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Endava Tech Flow



BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA | 09 June 2018

We’re happy to announce the first edition of Endava Tech Flow in Bogotá, on June 9, 2018.

Featuring 3 speakers from Moldova, USA and Bogotá sharing insight, plus 4 workshops with local speakers for attendees to choose and have an on hands session.

The event focuses on relevant and trendy technology subjects with an analytical and practical approach.


Key Speakers


    Senior Development Lead, Endava

    Gleb has been a practice lead on front-end and mobile practices within the company. A go-to person for technical and exciting stuff. Technology polyglot interested in innovation with award winning mobile apps that can find joy even in mathematical-analysis if it serves a good purpose. Has helped clients build awesome projects in New York, London and Dublin. Likes reading fantasy books, building and racing drones when he isn't learning something new.


    He will share with you the journey of his team starting from a moment of crisis to being a successful team and product. Nowadays, there a lot of emerging technologies, a big number of new frameworks and programming languages coming out. It’s often hard to keep the pace. Getting out of your comfort zone, trying out a new language or platform always keeps you on your toes. It helps you grow, deliver, advance and be able to fill any gap in a team.


    VP, Digital Product Strategy, Endava

    A creative executive with 20 years of experience in product strategy, UX, and design. As VP, Digital Product Strategy at Endava, I work with our clients to ensure they have the right digital strategy in place, then tailor innovative solutions to the business challenges that stand in the way using the right synthesis of Endava’s end-to-end service offers. Previous to Endava, I specialized in digital entertainment, releasing over 150 games across most major platforms, including collaborating with Microsoft on the #1 Free Game on the Windows Store.


    An interface is the critical interpreter between people and their technology. In the near future, a paradigm shift will revolutionize our interfaces by causing them to recede, eliminating most layers of abstraction that stand between technology and experience and, ultimately, bestowing humans with superhuman capabilities. Join us as we explore these ideas and their implications for the future.


    Digital transformation, professional

    Sonia is Quantitative Methods professor and a regular conference speaker on digital transformation and data storytelling. Statistics, math, data and stories are the tools she uses to help companies move toward digital transformation era. She leads the Apps design based on UX and the decision making process of each user. Her area of expertise includes Data Analysis with R, metrics and data storytelling. 


    The talk’s main objective is to show the positive effect of apps designed to satisfy users’ needs and how the output is not just a great dashboard but a data story. We will cover this idea with real cases and the software engineering challenges involved.

    Many companies want to adopt big data technologies for data driven decisions making, but when most of their processes are based on people intuition without metrics that allow to find hits and misses, the first step to achieve this goal is to make a digital transformation.



  • Workshop 1


    A practical workshop where you’ll learn the basics about motion sensing hardware on your phone and how to use its data to control a reactive web app over the internet. Covering iOS, (Android)? WebSockets and ReactJS.

    Complexity: Basic/Medium
    Requirements IOS: Mac Laptop Running High Sierra + iPhone 6 or higher + Xcode 9+ (Already Installed)

    IVAN AMORTEGUI - Front End Discipline Lead, Endava Bogotá

    Front End developer/Product Manager with around 10 years of experience. He worked in several projects in different industries such as auto retail, healthcare, insurance,payments, media and entertainment. He is curious about Functional Programming, Reactive Front End Technologies, User Centered Development and Domain Driven Design. Ivan greatly enjoys spending his spare time with his dog, Cohen, a lovely Smooth Collie with an awesome attitude.

    DANIEL BERNAL - Mobile Discipline Lead, Endava Bogotá

    Not an engineer but a tinkerer, Daniel has been writing software since 1996 in different languages and platforms and for the past 7 years he has been working on mobile product development, with special interest in Apple stuff.

    He is now the Mobile Discipline lead at Endava Bogotá and Product Development Manager of Appetit Delivery in Central America.

  • Workshop 2


    In this workshop we will create a CI/CD pipeline from scratch. We will set up Jenkins as our CI engine, a SCM system to store both our Infrastructure as a Code project, the configuration management repository, and a sample application. Once everything is in place, we will show and implement the pipeline, and evaluate how a change in the code gets deployed. Technology Stack: Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform, Vagrant/AWS, Java, Maven. 

    Complexity: Medium 
    Requirements: Vagrant Docker Terraform Ansible Linux VM or Unix Subsystem

    HOLLMAN ENCISO - DevOps Lead, Endava Bogotá

    Hollman carries over 10 years of experience working on different projects, mainly with FOSS technologies. Started out as a Systems Administrator, his laziness leads him to start automating processes and deleting repetitive tasks 7 years ago. Hollman became a DevOps by accident, now he works to promote the DevOps culture inside and outside of Endava. SuperGeek, loves technology, gadgets and sci-fi movies.

    JAIRO CORREA - DevOps Lead, Endava Bogotá

    Jairo comes from a Pre-DevOps world and has 8+ years of experience in delivery roles. He was really trying to automate everything about his work when he found about. Continuous Delivery & DevOps and made it his own philosophy. He worked several years at a big IT company, working with multiple clients and evangelized DevOps asmuch as possible. He remembers the times before ChatBots, Jenkins and Docker, and now uses them every day.

    He’s passionate about literature, soccer, Star Trek, DC comic books, playing drums, and binge watching Netflix series. He hasn't seen a single episode of Game of Thrones. His best gadget is his kindle.

  • Workshop 3


    In this workshop we will use Scala and Functional Programming concepts to create Minecraft mods, in a very lightweight and fun way - step by step.

    Complexity: High
    Requirements: Java Development Kit 1.8u171, Scala 2.12.0, IntelliJ 2018.1.1 and Docker 18

    ALEJANDRO TRIANA - Development Lead, Endava Bogotá

    Alejandro has designed the software architecture for enterprise applications using different styles architectures as client/server, SOA, EAI, REST, microservices and eventdriven systems. Likewise, He developed Enterprise Applications for 14 years, of which the last five years I have focused in architectures for distributed and transactional systems using different platforms and frameworks such as Spring Framework, Play/Akka, Node JS, Java EE and Erlang OTP. His experience is enhancing by his experience in multiple languages such as Scala, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, TypeScript etc.

    In the same way, his academic interests are focused in Artificial Intelligence, including different methods such as fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, neural networks, andapplication of game theory.

    VICTOR MEJIA - Development Lead, Endava Bogotá

    Victor has about 12 years of experience building software solutions, using different technology stacks based mainly on the JVM but no limited to. Avid leaner, problem solverand family guy.

    He is specially interested on functional programming, distributed systems, systems architecture, statistical learning, data mining and machine learning.

  • Workshop 4


    In this workshop we will explore the fundamental concepts of the Blockchain technology stack. We will look into some common representations and discuss their different use cases. We also will give a quick walkthrough of current projects around this topic inside and outside of Endava. We will finalize our tour with a demonstration of a small DApp based on Ethereum, using smart Contracts.

    Complexity: Medium
    Requirements: Bring your own Laptop with any OS, ideally NodeJS preinstalled

    MICHAEL DREIKORN - Design Lead, Endava Bogotá

    Michael is Software Engineer and Design Lead at Endava Bogot with 15 years of experience in a variety of industries. He has mainly worked with JVM languages, C/C++, .Net and Javascript. He is passionate about building highly resilient, distributed and scalable micro service applications with Spring Boot / Spring Cloud. He is interested in software architecture, machine learning and Blockchain technology. In his spare time he enjoys reading and time with his family.

    SEBASTIN ARGUELLES - Developer, Endava Bogotá

    Sebastian has about 3 years of experience building software solutions based on the JVM. His academic interest is focused in Data Science and has deep experience developing recommender systems in different contexts. He is always open to new challenges and he is always looking for something new to learn.

    DANILO MENDIVELSO - Developer, Endava Bogotá

    Danilo is a Software Developer at Endava Bogotá, with experience in JavaScript, .NET, Java, C for embedded systems and hardware design with VHDL for FPGA. He is an Electronics Engineer passionate about the hardware-software interface, convinced that to make great hardware an engineer must make great software. Interested also in learning languages to open the mind to new cultures, ideas and experiences.



13:30 – 14:30 Registration
14:30 – 14:45 Welcome speech
14:45 – 15:30 1st Key Talk
15:30 – 16:15 2nd Key Talk
16:15 – 16:35 Break
16:35 – 18:35 Workshops
18:45 – 19:30 3rd Key Talk
19:30 Networking


LOCATION: DoubleTree By Hilton Hotel, Parque 93, Bogotá


The event is open to the entire tech community in Bogotá.
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See you there!

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