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Connecting with each other

We foster an environment where we can be authentic, inspired, and collaborate across boundaries to enable highly effective teams. By celebrating our stories and achievements, we embrace our diversity, and we contribute to the shaping of a culture that allows us to blend different perspectives and thrive together.

As one of our core values is THOUGHTFUL, we live this value by supporting the development and betterment of our local IT communities and the broader communities in all our locations.

Tech Flow Europe | 15-16 April 2021


After multiple successful editions organised in various locations, the Tech Flow Conference is now coming for the first time in an online format. In a market characterised by the acceleration of the digital transformation need, this edition will group keynote presentations, panel discussions and practical workshops under the “Software Engineering for a Digital Age” concept.  

International key speakers together with Endava professionals will engage in a range of discussions covering software architecture, automation of all things, decentralised infrastructure, quantum computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and the interaction between humans and technology (UX, Novel Interfaces, VR, AR and XR). 


Building Internal Communities

Having a strong sense of belonging powers our connections and helps us understand who we are, both as individuals and teams. We speak through actions and take a step forward when tackling tomorrow's challenges, celebrating each of our past experiences and creating new ones that enable us to translate our many passions into drivers of change. 

Here is how we seek growth and inspire one another.


Dev Week | 2020


Testing Week | 2019


AM Week | 2020


PDM Week | 2020


Innovation Lab

Endava Gathering

Internal Communities

Endava Gathering


Internal Communities



Building external communities

We are immersing ourselves in different communities, using our knowledge and hands-on experiences as a force of change for the society we leave in. By engaging with people who are dedicated to transforming the world, we are making real contributions to the communities we are part of, broadening our perceptions and gaining a unique sense of purpose. 

Here is how we bring our values to life, reach out to like-minded people, and inspire them to reimagine the relationship between people and technology.

Tech Flow

Be Connected

Tech Flow


Be Connected



Be Connected

Tech Stories

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