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Working in a dynamic environment suited Erdoan and brought his excellent technical expertise to the surface. He became part of Endava more than 2 years ago, and ever since our location in Sofia is beaming with the confidence that success is only a few challenges solved away. In his adventure, Erdoan even took part in the launch of the Architecture Discipline in Sofia, and that’s not all. Ready to read his full story? 

Let’s navigate through your journey in Endava. What can you tell us about your career path? 

My journey at Endava began more than 2 years ago. I started as a Consultant in the Java Discipline. After only 2 weeks in the company, I was already engaged in a client project, which had to be built from scratch, following the latest technology standards within the industry. Working in such a dynamic and constantly changing environment surely brings up many challenges but thanks to the technical excellence and adaptiveness of the people I worked with, these challenges quickly transformed into opportunities to explore, invent, and advance in what we all are passionate about - technology! This continues to happen even today. 

The experience I gained over time, combined with the rising need for an Architectural Discipline, motivated me to take part in its establishment and to be one of its first members in our Sofia office. Alongside it, as a Discipline Lead, I constantly look for ways to develop the Java Discipline, while also helping new members to join our team.

What drives you at Endava? 

This answer is easy to tell: It is always changing and growing. Here, I get the chance not only to witness but to be involved in the process of a simple idea flourishing into a worldwide business. Nothing is ever the same, and this makes my journey a constant adventure. My coworkers also bring a lot of joy and heartfelt moments to this adventure called “Endava”. We all believe that creating and living in a pleasant environment is the most important aspect when loving our jobs. I adore being part of something that makes a difference, and I love seeing that we care for each other. Effective teamwork really is the key to success. This is the most important lesson I have learnt here, where the company’s culture drives passion and excitement, which ultimately leads to job satisfaction.


How would your colleagues describe you in one sentence?

I think that my colleagues think of me as an open-minded, thoughtful, and adaptive person that works well, especially when put in front of a challenge.

What can you tell us about your life outside of work?

Well, I would say that I’m as passionate as I am at work. I’m married, I love to travel, to cook, to ride ATVs, and to practice winter sports. I think that you can never limit your options when you do the things you enjoy the most. 

What advice would you give yourself if you were to start working at Endava today?

Starting a new job has always been challenging for me. Whether it was straight out of college, or after I have been in the workforce for more than 15 years, entering a new work environment or even changing roles can be stressful for me. Over time I learnt that any challenge can be faced with the right mindset.

I am now in a position that allows me to give the first piece of advice to the new members of our Endava family. I always encourage people by giving them the same advice I gave myself years ago when I was joining the company: to be passionate and to take time in adjusting. Having walked on the same path they are going to, taught me to build strong skills and to cherish every achievement. Looking back, I would not change a single thing. Being self-confident and believing in what I can achieve is the most important tip  I always stick to. Starting each day with the greatest motivation is not only a way to succeed but also a way to inspire others. As one of my favorite quotes says, “Do not limit your challenges, challenge your limits!”

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Humans of Endava


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