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Bogdan was one of the first people to join our office in Bucharest. Prior to that moment, he worked for several years in a small company of 15 people. Everything changed when Endava acquired the company and Bogdan found himself working in a multinational environment, with endless possibilities of growth. All he had to do is dive in. Let’s get to know him.    
How did you join the company and what is your role now?

My journey here started when Endava acquired the small company I worked for as a Java Programmer. That was the moment when everything changed for me. 

All of a sudden, we moved from a one project - one team structure, to an environment with three projects and more than five teams. It was then that I realised what working for a multinational company meant that everything was at a larger scale.

From that moment on I've been constantly growing together with Endava. In 2015 I took the role of a Senior Developer, later that of a DevOps Engineer and I am now a DevOps Consultant, working with technologies like AWS, Teraform, Ansible, Python, Weblogic and Oracle Database. On my current project, we are three teams in Bucharest, working closely with one of the leading payment processors in UK, helping businesses unlock the full power of their payments data, powered by big-data analytics tool.

Tell us about what drives and guides you at Endava?

I enjoy the diversity of my work. Every day feels different from the one before and comes with its own opportunities and challenges. Two-three years ago, it was just my project and me. Now, something new comes up all the time: someone within my Career Coaching has something to share with me, a client request for DevOps Engineers, a Graduates Programme needs to be put in place, an environment needs to be created for my team to test a new functionality.

I believe Endava has many opportunities to offer; we just need to have the right guidance at the right moment and grab them. I remember when a good friend of mine who is also an Endavan, told me a few years ago that Endava is the kind of company that provides a lot of opportunities for its employee to grow, you just need to ask for them. The advice applied successfully in my case and I think in his, too, as he is now the Delivery Manager of our office in Skopje. I think that, if you are committed and you treat your job with seriousness, the results are visible in a short time.  


What are you most proud of?

I think the biggest achievement for me is that our Endava office in Bucharest has the biggest team of DevOps Engineers from all Endava Delivery Unites. I am proud to have been directly involved in the candidate selection and recruitment of new colleagues and to still contribute to the growth of my team. 

What can you tell us about your life outside of work? 

Somehow, the changes in my professional life within Endava have coincided with the changes in my personal life, when I became a father. My son is now 4 years old and he dreams of becoming an archaeologist when he grows up. Six months ago, he has discovered a dino toy at his kindergarten and, ever since, his fascination with dinosaurs has been constantly growing. He even started collecting toys and books about them and has a public library pass, so that he can borrow the books himself. 

I confess that lately, I’ve been doing more reading about tyrannosaurus, triceraptors, and compsognathus than kubernetes and infrastructure as a code. Side note: did you know that dinosaurs dominated Earth for over 165 million years? Compared to that, humans have been around for only 2 million years. 

If you were to start work at Endava tomorrow, what would be that one piece of advice you would give to yourself?

There is always room for growth so my advice would be to start discussing with your Career Coach, with your Line Manager or maybe a senior colleague and search for that career opportunity that makes you happy. Endava is a fast growing company and opportunities appear every day. You just need to keep an open eye and seize them.

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