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A focused athlete who succeeds in life through calmness, a bright mind, and a warm smile. Meet our colleague Boban, a wide-ranged professional who knows how to lead both people and projects, never forgetting to have some fun in the things he does. Let’s get to know him better. 

Describe your professional path within the company.

I joined the company six years ago as a Software Developer who already had about three years of experience in Java Development. Although I already had working experience on a massive project that involved hundreds of people, one thing I liked when joining Endava was the fact that I could foresee many opportunities to work with various technologies for Hi-Tech companies. I was also impressed by the way the team members were treating each other, as well as with the company culture. 

Once I joined the company, I started working on a project for one of our biggest Hi-Tech clients as a Fullstack Developer. The way of working on this project was somehow new to me since I had to change from being mostly a Backend Developer to an all-rounder, doing backend, fronted and even mobile development to some extent. On this project, I gained some experience working with a conferencing solution, as well as with the way of building client chats from scratch. 

After a few years in the company, I got the opportunity to advance to another role, as a Project Lead. My task was to start a new project, that counted only two people back then and to create a larger team. This was a different kind of challenge for me since I had to lead people and I couldn’t focus solely on technical things. I’ve been leading that project for four years now and now my team counts 20 people. The project involves cutting-edge technologies with an emphasis on cloud computing (AWS and Azure), automation/configuration management and the DevOps paradigm.

What drives you at Endava?

I would say a healthy working environment in the first place. I find it fantastic that everyone takes responsibility in achieving a common goal and in being supportive with each other. We all spend most of our time working and being around our colleagues, so the right environment is crucial for me. Another thing that drives me is the possibility to learn and grow in various aspects.


Tell us more about yourself outside of work.

Being surrounded by people with a good sense of humor relaxes me the most. When it comes to hobbies, I enjoy sport - I like playing tennis, basketball and working out in general. I also enjoy driving a go-cart. Most of my free time I try to be physically active since that relaxes my mind, but when I am not in the mood for that, I like spending some time reading a book. 

Traveling and exploring new places is something that also helps me take a break from my daily routines, it relaxes and recharges me. 

Whenever I have time to, I also enjoy playing video games with my friends.

How did your passions have contributed to your day to day job?

I enjoy practicing sport and this creates a mind-set of always trying to be better and to win. To achieve that, you have to work hard and push yourself beyond your limits. Sport taught me that if you want to be better, you need to try harder. I think that is a crucial lesson that can help everyone’s career development.

What advice would you give yourself if you were starting work at Endava today? 

Do not be afraid to step up and say what you think. Do not be hesitant to accept challenges, because this is the only way to grow. Last but not least, never forget to have fun.

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Humans of Endava


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