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Programmes and Initiatives



We take ownership of our careers and our development and have moved away from traditional performance appraisals, focusing on what each of us wants to become, providing support and making sure we achieve both business and our individual goals. We appreciate that each individual is different and our people managers act as liberators for those they lead, calibrating high support and high challenge in a way that enables our people to maximise their potential.
The Career Development System is a platform that facilitates career discussions with your Coach, 360 feedback for you or your colleagues and a career map for technical roles. Also, for leaders managing teams is the “go to” place to provide feedback for the team performance and development needs. 


We’ve always strongly believed that leaders define culture and that culture is an end product which builds the sense of belonging of us as humans. This is why we introduced 3 roles that would enable our people to be the best that they can be through individual growth (Career Coach), team performance (Line Manager) and fair-minded promotions and rewards (Compensation Reviewer).


Endava University is an online learning platform that includes an extensive series of accelerators, presentations, videos, and tools that empower Endavans in developing leading talent on all levels. 


Pass It On sessions are a great way for our colleagues to share their experience, knowledge, and even just exciting ideas with others in an open conversation. The 1-hour crash courses are on topics related to best practices, work methodologies, company processes and tools, providing valuable insights and enabling experience sharing. 


Here in Endava we celebrate your ideas, expertise and success through Your Zone Awards but we also know that none of us is as smart as all of us. We're sure that it is the interaction among team members which can assure high performance, exceptional results and professional growth at its best. This is why we introduced the Team Zone Awards – a rewarding system for acknowledging your team successes and celebrating them.

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