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Leticia is one of our superheroes who had an influential role throughout Velocity Partner’s integration with Endava. She first joined the company in 2014 as the Head of the HR department in Argentina, but soon her role expanded throughout Latin America. Today she serves as Regional Head of People Development & Recruiting for Endava in Latin America and also has responsibilities for recruiting in the USA. Read her story and get a glimpse on the perfect recipe of mixing empathy and passion for work with a balanced, loving family life. 

What role did you have to assume after the merge between Velocity Partners and Endava?

My role was influential in the integration process that began in January 2018 and formally ended in December of the same year. However, like all integrations, it is a process that continues every day. I have been leading the areas of PDR and HRC, from the most operational issues to the deepest and most significant ones, related to cultural integration.

So, your role went from operational to a more strategic one, right?

Exactly. Nowadays, I am working with the PDR teams helping them build and define their strategies in all regions and locations to achieve their growth plans. I do this by collaborating closely with all parties on creating consistency and alignment in the practices and processes that are carried out. My role is also to represent LATAM in the organization of People Operations globally.

For the time being, what's your biggest challenge?

Support America on the road to becoming one of the fastest-growing regions in Endava! This is why I am working together with the teams to develop strategies for attracting and retaining the talent in our geographies by understanding the practices of the market and new trends. The IT industry is continuously changing and evolving, it is always one step ahead of the traditional market, and that requires us to be aware and not lose the rhythm. In addition, we need to help to develop leaders: with growth come new challenges and opportunities, and we have to be prepared.

What points in common did you find between both companies?

The first exercise we did was to review our values, and without realizing it, we saw that there was a natural match between both organizations according to why we exist and where we are going. Endava is an organization that has snowballed but does not lose its essence, its concern for people and the intentional decision of being transparent. Few companies can sustain these values over time, and I believe that Endava is doing it.

From your role of People Operations, how do you perceive the management of cultural diversity within Endava, being a global company of European origins that recently started operating in Latam?

As I mentioned earlier, the organization's values are solid in all geographies. They represent us and inspire us in what we do every day. However, there is always a local component that both influences, but also drives the health of a global organization that is characterized by diversity and inclusion. I've had the opportunity of travelling and touring European and Latin DUs' and breathe the same organization, but in each office, we work considering the particularities of each place. For example, from PDR's point of view, you can see Endava's global programmes and initiatives but implemented with a local flavour. Engagement activities are carried out in all offices, but each one adds its touch according to their needs and experience of what makes their people happy.


How do you experience 'working with the world'?

It's a great professional opportunity, but above all, a life experience! Undoubtedly, working with colleagues from other countries is a valuable learning experience, the fact of being in contact with colleagues who have such a different point of view has allowed me to develop my technical and leadership skills. Every day I get up and think that I am lucky to be able to contribute and create value by collaborating with the Global People Operations team from Rosario, where we all participate in the decisions and strategies of the organization that, in essence, exist for and to people.

How do you manage your work-life balance?

Fortunately, I have support from my family that encourages me whenever I decide to embrace new challenges, travel and, above all, do what I like. When I am with them, I try to enjoy my time spent together to the fullest, and I always seek to give every one of them priority. An example of this happened last year when I had a trip to Medellin, and within a few days, I had to be in the UK. I could have gone to London directly from Colombia, but I preferred to return to Argentina to spend the weekend with my daughters. It was only for two days, but for my family and me, it is a valuable time that we don't take for granted. I think there's still a lot of prejudice regarding how to sustain a professional career and build a family at the same time, especially as a woman. So it's essential to understand that they are complementary and not opposite worlds. Motherhood is a key moment to reinvent oneself, a period of empowerment and growth, which also empowers women in their roles within organizations. Endava is an organization that privileges the balance between work and personal life and this allows family life to be mixed with professional growth within the company.

How do you imagine your professional future in Endava?

I am interested in transforming the experiences of our people in a fast-paced technology industry through adapting to trends while staying in the meantime, true to myself and what the company stands for. As a Human Resources professional, I am interested in where the world of work is going and what transformation digitalization and the new models of knowledge management will bring.

Tell us a little about your life outside of work ...

Since I was a child, I've had a great passion for cinema (and series in this new era). I was always a fan of the blogs and magazines of amateur moviegoers, and in fact I studied my undergraduate degree with the goal and desire to be a film reviewer in one of the great newspapers in Argentina. In my spare time I wrote my own reviews and in the University I got to write some scripts, which never became movies but have been stored in some box. Nowadays, I also enjoy cooking, especially in cakes and patisserie pieces, which I can also enjoy doing with my daughters. I'm happy to have a lot of energy and that allows me to make time for everything.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start working in Endava?

I would tell that person to bring a lot of energy, desire to learn, but also to contribute, and to get fully involved in their role within the company. At Endava, we like challenges, and we are not afraid of change.

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