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Andreea is our Client Service Manager in Cluj-Napoca. She joined Endava in August 2019, having a versatile profile. She is passionate about continuous learning, and she loves travelling, which she thinks is one of the magic tools for personal development.  

She enjoys building a larger digital transformation framework that helps our teams and clients navigate their digital journeys. 

For Andreea, technical excellence means Continuous learning, research, and ongoing transformation. She says that one of the most important aspects to have in mind when working in tech is that the world is constantly transforming, and unless you embrace change and stay adaptable, you won’t fit in.  

She believes that adaptability and versatility pushed her career forward. 

On a personal level, her ambition is to master the art of happiness and take care of her well-being – she loves reading, listening to podcasts, and exposing herself to new situations. 


Life is a continuous learning experience.

Client Service Manager | Cluj-Napoca

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