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Putting People at the Heart of Innovation


Our Approach

We take an engineering-led approach to software development, stressing the need for well-defined methods, modern languages and technologies, powerful tools and above all, an analytical and fact-based approach to software development. Through our international, engineering-oriented culture, we hire and develop strong software engineers and nurture an engineering ethos in all of our delivery activities.

Our TEAM and TEAS methods (our agile method and scaling frameworks) provide us with a flexible, proven approach for running large software projects and our innovative nature means that we constantly experiment with the latest tools and techniques, allowing us to select technologies with the right balance between innovation and predictability for your environment and business problems.



TEC was formed with the clear scope of leading the constant innovation we need in our delivery approach and capability to stay in our leading position in the software engineering services market. This is a challenging task, given our scale, geographic distribution, breadth of solutions and offers, and the number of people and organisational groups involved. However, we have started strongly!


Through Catalyst we aim to provide our clients vision and delivery focused acceleration, driving scalable innovation based on empiric data, all geared towards solving complex business problems. For this to happen, we are expanding our overall delivery approach to include strategic business advisory and ensure the deployment of broadly functional, multi-disciplinary delivery teams. Catalyst’s strategy and delivery acceleration group work in conducting with our larger delivery teams to catalyse ideation and drive demonstrably better solutions through assembling cross-functional teams to best tackle a client problem.


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